Could GoChain Moon?

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A flood of good news has GoChain's volume up substantially as of late. It has been listed on some new exchanges and gaining popularity as doubts cloud the future of Ethereum.

GoChain is a Solidity (Ethereum's cpu language) compatible protocol that was built from the ground up to be green, efficient and scalable.

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it could..

GoChain had very nice consolidation and if it breaks above the recent high, it could get very interesting. As of now, I’m invested in coins I feel comfortable with. GoChain has a bit too small market cap and in my opinion it’s very easy to be manipulated. However, to invest just a small amount just to try and be part of a bigger move might be worth it. Once it gets listed on Binance I may definitely consider to invest few bucks in it. - Best Crypto Trading Bot

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  • Poloniex
  • Bitfinex
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@investing especially with what seems like the decline of etheruem, I think it very well could

is GoChain really that good?

Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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Excellent explanation sir @investing. I think every crypto coin has an ability to reach moon. As I see Gochain has a good ranking in cryptomarket as well as today has increased 13%. Happy investing in crypto. Crypto is our future.

Great analysis and nice explanation @investing... It is currently ranked 142 on . Its price has increased upto 10-15 % in last 24 har after its listing on Binance exchange.

Very interesting concept worthy looking at especially when you mantioned it could be ETH’s competitor. I hope it won’t happen just because I’m invested in ETH. However, I like to be diversified and as I mentioned GoChain is definitely worthy looking at. I like the volume, but with very small marketcap it could be easy to push it. If you invest in GoChain, you might have to expect anything, even going to the moon.

It very well could...seeing its solid fundamentals. Would be interesting to see how it holds up in the next crucial months though

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Thanks for the update buddy

Lisiting in the new exchange might be a very good news to it :)

Well all the best to the Hodlers of the coin :)

it has won the community voting round in binance definitely this can be big time for go chain

Is this new ICO project?

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Nice video @investing, great to see new youtubers and fellow steemians finally shilling GoChain!

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