Crypto is Illuminati?

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Have you ever heard someone say crypto is a fabrication of the NWO and the Illuminati? Do they think it’s a trap to centralize power? This is completely wrong and shows a lack of understanding in DLT and Blockchain.


I loved the way you sarcastically scoff at the Illuminati reference at around 15 second mark. Exactly my reaction. LOL!
Distributed Ledger is an ultra transparent idea with byzantine fault tolerance - As you mention this is the absolute opposite of what illuminate would do

Yeah it is! - illuminating I mean, not

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You are right, majority of fiat curency is digital, but the difference between bitcoin and digital fiat is that bitcoin is limited and fiat is not. Digital fiat has unlimited supply. It’s no brainer. Bitcoin has already changed the world in many ways, wait what happens in the next few years. It will eventually change everything. I agree with you about everything being voluntary instead of being forced by not having a much of a choice. It actually crossed my mind once about Illuminati as a creators of blockchain. Than I thought about it more and it just didn’t make sense. However, if they did, would we eventually be able to find out? I definitely do believe bitcoin creation was triggered by recent financial crises. As you said, it opened eyes to lot of people.
BTW: isn’t bitcoin futures at some point IOU as well? They are able to bet and make money on future prices without actually buying real bitcoin. This allows them to make money twice as much by buying bitcoin and going long futures and also selling bitcoin and at the same time shorting futures. I believe that was their intention, that’s why the created bitcoin futures.

Why not? They can buy all bitcoin and rule or manipulate the price of bitcoin.

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Great post. Investing in a crypto is very difficult task.

For those who are wondering if dtuber is up in africa, YESSS..

I've never heard it but I find it hilarious. You are exactly right about how exactly wrong that is lol.

Your not in the Illuminati are Connor?

Thanks for enlightment bro, surely it is a trap nothing else..
Thanks to make steemit community aware about this fact..

Nice work.. Informative

Fabulous. One of the first things that happened when I started posting about crypto on facebook is someone said they think it's Illuminati. I was so shocked I didn't even know what to say. Once again, How I See People Who Aren't on the Blockchain 🤣

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you just showed the best things about crypto thanks for sharing it loved it :)

@investing is dead on with his thoughts about the Crypto's. We are all very early still in being in the Crypto's before a majority of the public.............

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Hilarious. But I hope it's not. ;)

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