imusify's Bounty Program (1 Feb - 30 April)

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We proudly announce the start of our Bounty Program!
10 million IMU tokens have been allocated to this program.

Get precious IMU tokens by:

  1. Writing blogs and creating videos about imusify
  2. Resharing posts from imusify's Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Steemit, and Telegram accounts
  3. Sharing about imusify in technology/music/blockchain/cryptocurrency subreddits
  4. Wearing imusify's signature on your bitcointalk accounts
  5. MISC Campaign: You decide what you will do! Are you good at creating stickers for our telegram group? How about getting imusify listed on the various ICO listing websites? The sky is the limit!

Inviting the Steemit community to participate in imusify's Bounty Program:

imusify: The Smart Music Economy --



Such a wonderful project.. You can't afford to miss out on your chance to be the early holders of the imusify tokens.

We appreciate your support. Thank you

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