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Along the development of technology on the Internet, especially in the world cryptocurrency currently a lot of platform has been present one of them are cobinhood service platform cryptocurrency to era blockchain. The first service launched by cobinhood is the cost of zero the world's first that has a high-frequency Exchange trading cryptocurrency to solve the problem cryptocurrency existing Exchange. It provides trading spot and trade margin at a cost of trade zero maximize profits trader and market liquidity. Cobinhood also provides services underwriting ICO to address the problem ICO liquidity problems token.


On the token for the holder of tokens cob they just be interest pintaman 50% of the total bunya normal. When there ICO which took place in the platform cobinhood holders token cob will get special offer such as a bonus price is much cheaper. By using the token cob you can participate in the ICO held in platfrom cobinhood. Keep in mind cobinhood have the power to provide a test feasibility ICO, reviews code smartcontract review and legal compliance to ICO. So ICO which is in their platform is ICO the best option activity ICO participate in cooinhood's ICO for the sponsoring the development of Exchange cobinhood. Mark token cobinhood is cob. Token cob based on the ethereum erc20 standard token. As much as 1 billion token cob will be issued. 500m token cob will be available for ICO. Amount ICO: 50% (token cob 500m) cobinhood Inc. number: 40% (token cob 400m) number of private placement: 10% (100m cob tokens) ICO cobinhood started on September 13, 2017 and continues until October 22, 2017. only ethereum received. Level cob are as follows: 9 / 13-9 / 19: 1 @ to 5600 cob (bonus 40%) 9 / 20-9 / 26: 1 @ to 5200 cob (bonus 30%) 9 / 27-10 / 3: 1 @ to 4800 cob (bonus 20%) 10 / 4-10 / 10: 1 ETH to 4400 cob (bonus 10%) 10 / 11-10 / 22: 1 ETH to 4000 cobs Exchange cobinhood scheduled for online on November 1, 2017. cob token can be traded in Exchange cobinhood target cobinhood cobinhood is a service platform cryptocurrency that provides trade cryptocurrency and underwriting ICO, which aims to solve the problem cryptocurrency existing Exchange. Cobinhood featuring the cost of trade zero to maximize profits and market traders liquidity. It has the ability to process more than one million orders per second, achieve trading experience "real-time" true, and making it the first in the world Exchange cryptocurrency able to do the trade high frequency. Furthermore, cobinhood aims to overcome the liquidity problems ICO token through the ICO his


advantage services cobinhood cobinhood provide customer service online 24/7. If the user facing problem or need help, specialist customer success can be contacted via cobinhood sites mobile and current users ask questions, team customer success will respond in one day. Purpose cobinhood is to provide consistent quality customer support process KYC the user-friendly cobinhood will impose process KYC (know your customer) level of the Bank to comply with the law of AML (anti-money laundering). Cobinhood provide the identity of the user-friendly authentication service. The process is usually completed within 24 hours of customers submission. Exchange decentralized forward, cobinhood plans to build Exchange crypto-kardean decentralized. As algorithm consensus technological advances blockchain, decentralization of high-frequency matching order trading and real-time book would be worth it. Excellence platform cobinhood cobinhood featuring the cost of trade zero for trading spot and trade margin to leverage 10x to maximize profits for traders around the world. Security backup 100% cobinhood guarantee the backup 100%. This will also reveal all wallet online and offline address to audit public, make sure no embezzlement funds traders. Security systems wallet multisig offline every type of assets crypto stored in cobinhood saved offline wallet multisig estimated 98% of assets will be recorded offline, while 2% of the assets will remain in the wallet online that allows the deposit / withdrawal users faster experience. Every wallet multisig offline consists of 8 hsms (hardware security modules). This means that the transaction that use wallet multisig will require 5 of 8 hsms to proceed. If one of the administrator HSM compromised, wallet multisig will do it safe Furthermore, the administrator of HSM are in place of different countries (Geo distributed) added security systems cobinhood. Assets crypto supported insurance all deposit assets crypto in wallet online cobinhood will be supported by insurance. Because wallet multisig offline almost impossible compromised, all crypto users assets will fully closed enforcement authentication two-factor cobinhood impose a two-factor authentication (2fa) to login.
Crypto withdrawal
the asset requires additional email confirmation to protect the user's crypto assets.

About COB Token

For COB token holders they are only charged 50% of the total normal buku rate. When an ICO takes place at the Cobinhood Platform the COB token holders will get special offers like a much cheaper price bonus. By using COB Token you can participate in ICO held at Platfrom Cobinhood. Keep in mind cobinhood has the power to provide ICO feasibility tests, review of smartcontract codes and legal compliance review for ico. So ICO that is in their platform is the best choice ICO.

If you would like to know more information about Cobinhood, please visit @starkerz's post, and if you would like to register, please visit

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Linkedin - Youtube - Slack - Telegram White Paper - Official Site.

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