DragonChain & the mistake of selling

in cryptocurrency •  last year 

Today is an incredible day for the people that participated in the DragonChain ICO.

1- We got our tokens
2- Dragon got listed on EtherDelta
3- Around 300% to 400% profit VS ICO price

But still, I am amazed that people are selling their dragons...

Why would you sell your dragons when you can :

  • See that there is a huge demand (again 300% in half a day)
  • 5 projects in incubation, with one starting this month
  • A 1 year roadmap since the project opened in 2014
  • Originally founded by Disney
  • April milestone Deterministic Smart Contracts
  • Pricing mooning but it´s only available on EtherDelta (what´s gonna happen once on Bittrex or Binance) ?
  • Based in US, in a tech pole (Seattle, between were Bittrex is based)
  • Signed FlayPlay deal before the tokens were even distributed ... (They are based in Seattle)

Please explain to me WHY anyone would sell ?

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Greedy N00bs, don't understand the game. Blockchains give you lambos. Selling for a 3-4x short term profit is the most stupid thing anyone can do. Considering blockchains usually 100x - 1000x in the long term. I'm holding mine for a year at least. Not sellinggggg!


Same here. People are selling to buy maybe a new PS4 or new Nikes. Next Christmas I am changing house LOL

Thanks for this - I got some before I really knew what ICO's were all about and I am sure I would be selling but thanks to this post I think I will hodl.


You are more than welcome ! I know it´s hard to keep strong hands and the feeling of saying to ourselves "i am a genius, I made 3x ROI" but the reality is that we are idiots when you look at what happened to other projects a few months later down the road, the best is to come !


I guess you are happy right now !

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I bought this ico a long time ago I found my MEW wallet but I cannot seem to find my tokens, any advice?