DeepOnion Crypto Daily Giveaway - Day 2 - Win 5 Onions!

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Unfortunately, we didn't get enough contestants yesterday to have a drawing (must have 10 entries to do a drawing). The good news is that this bumps the pot up today. Normally it would go up by two for a total of four, but in celebration of the recent 1.5.5 wallet release, I'm throwing an extra one in for a total of 5 Onions to the winner! That's a current value of about $15 just for just upvoting, writing a reply, and re-steeming. Easy stuff.

As I mentioned, we just had a new wallet release so I'll put some information about that in to educate you about the DeepOnion project.

The new wallet, release 1.5.5, includes obfs4 and meek integration. You can read about these two concepts at the bottom of this page:

If you haven't looked into DeepOnion yet, please check out the website and community at

It's a great resource and this coin is going places in 2018.

For those that missed yesterday's drawing (most everyone, lol). I'll re-post the rules:

  1. Upvote
  2. Re-steem
  3. Write any sort of reply - just so I have your username
    For today, I'll be putting everyone's username in an Excel sheet and randomizing the order to pick a winner. Once a winner has been picked, I'll update the thread and request a wallet address - easy stuff. Or if you're feeling lucky, go ahead and post your wallet address ahead of time!

Your entry must be in by midnight EST to be included. I'll draw the winner tomorrow morning and update the thread before 12 noon. This will be occurring for the foreseeable future, so keep checking if you don't win the first day.

Questions? Comments? Hate mail? Please post below.


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Nice update. Followed.

Excellent initiative, I hope you will get enough entries to finish the draw...

Great job! Followed and upvoted, this is awesome stuff :)

Cool! I heard a lot of giveaways & bounties on DeepOnion, and I think their weekly airdrop is still active. A truly generous crypto eh :)

Awesome article! Followed, upvoted, and re-steemed it. :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nice article and nice idea with giveaway to invite new readers. You got a new follower! Of course I upvoted and re-steemed since I hope more people see this and take part.

Nice Article and i'll follow you :) ofc.

In for a penny, in for a pound as they say. I like DeepOnion as a project so always happy to receive a few

Nice contest.


Didn't know about your project before today.. guess I have something to read through after work! Good luck.

I love this kind of post where the initiative is the creation of something different

Awesome post! I invite you to visit our blog and vote us back! And of course to enjoy our content :)

bro, Good job...