Video Contest: Create Engaging Videos and Win Exciting Prizes

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We are launching a video contest to give you a chance to win both ETH and the exclusive IDAP tokens by creating videos about project! Show us your creative side by putting your video making and promotional skills to test and we will choose the best videos among all!


Contest Brief

The video must be about it can be a review, an interview, an explainer or an educational one, or can simply be a video telling why you like the project so much! The video must contain correct information about IDAP.

How to participate

It is very simple to participate, just make your video, upload it on YouTube/ Vimeo/ any similar platform with the tags: #IDAP #idap_io #idapICO and and tweet to @idap_io Twitter Account sharing your link with tags: #IDAP #idap_io #idapVideo

You can also share a post with video link on various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, BitcoinTalk to get the maximum reach.

Contest Prize Pool
Winners will be selected under two categories:

Most Popular Videos
Judges’ Picks
The Grand prize winner in each category will be awarded 5 ETH + 50,000 IDAP tokens. First runner up winners will get 2.5 ETH + 25,000 IDAP tokens.

For next three videos in each category, 1,00,000 IDAP tokens will be distributed among the winners as 25k, 15k and 10k IDAP! Thus, a total of 15 ETH and 250k IDAP tokens will be given away as winning prizes.

Contest Period
Submission period will begin on 1st September at 3:00 AM Estonia Time (GMT+3). The contest will end on 30th September at 11:59 PM Estonia Time. Don’t wait for last minute to submit your video. Moreover, any videos on created before the contest period cannot be reused/re-purposed for this contest. The winners will be announced on October 15th in a blog post published on our Medium page. This video contest is open to all who would like to participate.

References for the video
Official Website
Whitepaper v2.0 and other project docs:
About the IDAP Token (WRC20):
Wanchain partnership:
Hybrid exchange/ DEX protocol:
IDAP Token utility:
Exchange liquidity:
Introduction to
Existing Ratings and Reviews:
Mainstream media coverage: Explainer Video:

Product Demo videos:
IDAP Video Presentation at Wanchain 2.0 launch event:

Contest Guidelines
Try being as innovative as possible with the video’s style while making sure that the content is representing the project well. You can go for video animation or even reach out for an AMA if that is what you feel will best convey the project to your viewers. Whether you talk about one particular aspect of the IDAP derivatives exchange or go for covering the entirety of features of the IDAP trading platform, make sure that your video showcases in the proper fashion.
You do not have to worry about being a professional! Whether you shoot the video on your phone or with a DSLR camera, as long as you show commitment, creativity and above all, represent in a great way to the audience, you stand to win the amazing prizes we have in store for the top participants.

Read the complete term and conditions for the contest before creating the video.
So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera, say, “Lights! Camera! Action!”, tap into the filmmaker inside you and create a masterpiece with at its center!

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