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It all started with a little article back in late August ...

Here it is - what we believe to be the world's only ICO-specific community forum is now up and running!

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And it all started with a simple little article on Steemit that then got us thinking.....hmmm...what the world needs is a dedicated ICO forum, and so we decided to build one....!

Climb aboard and get involved - there are discussion forums on the major ICOs currently running, the best exchanges to use (and the worst), the ICOs which offer the best bounties, otherwise simply create a thread of your own if there is a specific ICO or subject topic that you want to raise with the rest of the ICO community.

But before we go (and to be clear, we are not actually going anywhere)- thank you fellow Steemians for following, upvoting and reading with us over the last few months. We are still hanging around, naturally, because we are learning a lot from our followers and those who follow us - and so we're not going anywhere.

We believe that ICOs stand a strong chance of becoming the leading start-up business model of the future, and we know that Cryptos are on the verge of mass adoption. And Steemit is the hub of knowledge and collaboration of that Crypto universe.

Thanks for your Support, your Ideas, Your Help, your Input...

Today's news in relation to Segwit2x has demonstrated - whichever side of the fence that you fall down on - that we are collectively prioritising the greater good - unity - over tactical disagreements. And from our own experience with ICOs, we have seen the democratising effect of the Blockchain on business start-ups and the potential knock-on effects for industry, politics and other domains besides. The implications for the future are uplifting.

And we are hugely excited to be a part of that by platforming a service that gives the world what we believe to be its first ICO-specific forum - and it is to our fellow Steemians who have helped us to learn the trade that we owe our thanks, you gave us a pedestal from which to launch our own venture....


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nice post

good ido follow for you n a few votes!
cheers and thx 4 sharing!

Awesome article, now you REALLY got me thinking about jumping into the cryptocoin verse of possibilities.