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Disclaimer: We are not investment professionals, we are merely presenting our opinions. Rule Number One of ICOs: never invest anything more than you are prepared to lose. Rule Number Two: make sure you've actually understood Rule Number One

End-of-Week Update

The first end-of-week updates in what will be - logically - a weekly series of the week's events in summary in ICO / ICO-Examiner land.

Successful Market Introduction for ClearPoll

Firstly, ClearPoll which we initially covered here.

They hit the exchanges for the first time yesterday and ended their first 24 hours on a x4 rise.

We don't advocate, however, short-flipping and a successful market introduction is not in itself an indicator of success. The real test comes when the ClearPoll product comes to market which is currently scheduled for July 2018. However, one day after hitting the markets, ClearPoll's development team announced that they are ahead of schedule on one of their major milestones.

As we've indicated already, we believe this product has huge potential with the inherent properties of the Blockchain being exploited to disrupt a major industry in need of reform. Between a first-rate engineering team and influential figure Simon Cocking on their advisory board, this one ticks all the boxes. For those with some POLL in their wallets, this will be a true test of your hoddling skills.


We surpassed the 300 mark this week in terms of number of followers. Thank you to all those who are following and we look forward to building those numbers!

Two More On The Way

The learning curve has been steep for us here at ICO-Examiner. We have pored through white-papers like a hot soup through a sieve, we have talked to dozens of project teams and we have sliced and diced the numbers to try and figure out the best way to identify ICOs with legitimate business models and genuine potential.

We have an up-coming publication on the subject (watch this space) but in the meantime, to keep things simple, we'll just say:

  • Be suspicious of any ICO with a token issue hard cap greater than $10 million USD

  • Be suspicious of any ICO with a high percentage reserve

  • Stay away from any ICO that meets both criteria above

Naturally, there are always exceptions but they require justification (Datum, for example, who plan to transition to a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to empower users with the ability to both manage and monetise their online personal privacy) .

In the meantime, we believe we have identified two more modest-cap ICOs with real, disruptive potential. We are still finalising our research and will have more details next week.

Website Coming Soon!

We've had some minor setbacks from the development-side - so the website official go-live has been pushed back a week. We'll keep you posted.
Have a good weekend all!
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