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Today, the crypto quiz will be about ETHEREUM. Before you start answering the questions make sure that you have read the rules and the rewards section. Now, let's go to the questions:

❔ What is the name of the token/currency in the ethereum platform?

❔ What is the formula to calculate the transaction fee in the ethereum network?

❔ What is the name of the base unit of an ether?


The quiz is an initiative in order to share the knowledge of the crypto world and reward those who contribute to it. The goal is to enrich the steemit platform with valuable content about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I will ask a question about the crypto world and all things related and all users that give the right answer will receive an SBD reward.


  • 15% of the SBD received from the quiz will go to the correct answer and most complete (with a little explanation) that has more upvotes which from now will be called BEST answer . If there is two or more correct and complete answers and with the same amount of upvotes, then the first one that made the comment will be the BEST answer. If there is no BEST answer the amount will go to the user that made the first comment with the right answer.

  • 10% of the SBD received received from the quiz will go to the first user that has answered correctly.

  • the other 25% will be divide to all users that has upvoted the BEST answer. So if 10 users has upvoted the best answer, 25% will be divided by 10. If there is no best answer, the reward will be divided to those that has upvoted the first correct answer. If there is no upvote in the first correct answer then this 25% will not be paid.

After the payout of the quiz, the received SBD was in total 100. So 15 of these SBD goes to the user that has given the BEST answer with most upvotes. 10 of these goes to the first one that has answered correctly and 25 SBD are distributed to all those that has upvoted the best answer (and if there is no best answer the first correct answer).

At the end of the 7 days when there is the payout i will publish correct answer, the total amount of SBD received and users that won the rewards. Then i’ll proceed with the payout according to the rewards section.


  • each user can give only one answer in the comments.
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  1. The name of the token/currency in the ethereum platform is 'Ether'

  2. The ethereum transaction fee depends on two parameters.

    • gas
    • gascost
    • The formula for calculation is gas*gascost
  3. base unit of ether is called Wei

  1. Ether
  2. Gas Price * Gas Used
  3. Wei
    Nice questions btw ;)




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The right answer is:

  1. Ether
  2. Gas Price * Gas Cost even if when you set a transaction you set the gas price and the gas limit, which is the maximum gas that you are willing to spend
  3. Wei

The reward of this post was 0.940 SBD.

There are no BEST answer because there is no answer with an explanation of things in the answer.

The first user that has answered correctly was @attalis therefore his reward is:

10% as the first user that has answered correctly = 0.094

  • 15% because there are no best answer = 0.141
    total = 0.235

The other 25% = 0.235 for upvotes on the best answer goes to @steferretto because he is the only that has upvoted the first correct answer.

Thank you all for participating and for your contributions.