I Won One of Those CryptoKitties, Now What?

(the photo above is the cryptokitty that I won in a ETH guessing contest)

Recently, I won a guessing contest to guess the value of ETH's price on December 21, 2017. My guess was around 0.0445 of BTC (based on the ETH/BTC chart). So I came in third out of all of the guesses and won this cryptokitty photo above.

Before the contest, I had come across this supposed cryptokitty craze on CoinTelegraph. And I thought, REALLY? Cryptokitties is why the ETH network ran slower than normal.

I had to check it out myself. After getting a MetaMask wallet and going to the CryptoKitty website to get my ETH wallet address, the contest owner gave me my first cryptokitty.

And I thought, well how hard can it be to navigate around and use the cryptokitty?

And that's just that? I'm really not sure what else it does?

Does it ONLY breed? And that's it? I was thinking it would be something of likes like tamaguchi's back in the 1990s.

I read the FAQ section and it didn't really give much other information. Am I being stupid on this?

Anyone else have cryptokitties and can tell me what else it can do besides breed?

Confused, and unsure of wha to do next LOL.


I think it almost became similar to the Beanie Baby hype. People would buy and collect thinking that the unique/rarity would lead to these being collectables. I think the hype for CryptoKitties is now over.

You may want to hold onto it because this is the first big dapp for the masses. In a couple years as Ethereum matures there could be articles on CryptoKitties and people may want to come back and own some as novelties.

I will be holdng on to my CryptoKitty as there's not much I can do with it ... I also have to wait a while til I can have this kitty breed another one.

Sir can i resteem your post?

Yeah, that's it... breeding. Without any other functionality, I can't understand all the hype.

Haha thanks for confirming what I thought :)

I'm just camping on mine, who knows what the future might bring. I'm just buying cheap kitties with traits I like. The real money is in Crypto sitting, not kitty sitting but having a little fun on the side never hurt.
Happy Holidays

Yes agree ... good luck with your cryptokitties and crypto holdings!

Wow you got one! Hahah! Cool. I checked it out too, i think there really isn't much more to it then breeding popular/ rare ones and selling it... cool tho!! What did you name it? Lol

I called it DaKitty Hawaii :P

Hash Puppies is the new project coming on Neo Platform , just like Cryptokitties on Ethereum Platform.