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Hello Crypto lovers.

Here is a Good news for everyone. 3rd Round of Airdrop of PoSToken is live now and it will last till October 29th 2017.

There are some conditions to claim your Airdrop tokens.

  • Your bitcointalk profile must be made before 22 Aug 2017.
  • Bitcointalk profile with negative trust are not eligible.
  • 1 person can apply only once , In case any fake accounts detected , you will not get your tokens.
  • Keep your eyes on ANN thread , website and twitter or others from official of PoSToken.
  • PoSToken Dev Teamreserve the rights to make changes at anytime.
  • Airdrop will stop once 457,794 POS claimed.

Website :

Let me Give you brief Introduction on what PoSToken is.
It is first proof-of-stake smart contract token. It is ERC 20 Token based on Ethereum platform. If we will hold PoStoken then we can earn extra tokens by just holding PosToken for a period of time, greater than or equal to The Minimum Coin Age.

Coin Age = Number of tokens you hold*number of days you hold

Min Coin Age: 3 Days Max Coin Age: 90 Days

If we will not claim our rewards within 90 Days then it would be reset.

We can check reward tokens by entering our address here

Reward tokens depend on number of PoStoken we hold and Holding days. If we will hold for longer , we can get more rewards.

PoS Mining Guide : PoSToken provides two methods to trigger PoS mining

  • Sending a transaction to your own address with any amount of POS.
  • Using or Mist or any other software that can interact with contracts to execute mint() function.
    you can check this video also for clear instructions on how to get rewards. Check it from Time : 3.01

Note : This video is not uploaded by me , it is here just for your guidance.

Official Website :

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