– Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Their Features

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CobinHoodExchange.png is digital currencies exchange platform with awesome features such as a customizable interface, lesser fees compared to other exchanges with no fee on deposits, minimal fee on withdrawals, and simple 0.1% taker fee and free maker fee, it has it own native token with ticker TIOx. Achievements After the ICO

  • teams up with blockchain innovators, PECUNIO.
  • announces historic partnerships & introduces Tiered Structure further to community demand.
  • has entered into an agreement to acquire FCA-regulated Primus Capital Markets UK Ltd.
  • Numerous tokens have been added to the exchange. Additional Features

  • Liquidity Pool.
  • Customizable Platform.
  • Swift Customer Care.
  • Hired Experienced Cyber Securities.
  • OTC Trading.

I will list the top five (5) reputable Cryptocurrency exchanges which traders can use to trade digital currencies either with other digital currencies or fiat currencies and their features.

Top Five Cryptocurrency Exchanges



Bittrex is one of the most popular crypto exchanges. It is U.S. based and regulated exchange. It was founded in Feb 2014 without a single security incident to date. Bittrex doesn't support fiat currency but offers several trading pairs in cryptocurrency and supports up to 281 cryptocurrencies. It’s number 42 in cryptocurrency exchanges by trade Volume [Nov 12 2018]. Bittrex charges 0.25% of maker and taker fees.

Bittrex’s goal is to provide the next generation cryptocurrency exchange with the best security, features, and availability.



Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong. It’s founded by 'Changpeng Zhao' in 2017 with its native token BNB for reducing trading fees. Binance is among the newer exchanges but it's taking the lead in crypto exchanges with offices in China 🇨🇳 and Japan 🗾 . It's number 2 in cryptocurrency exchanges by trade Volume and supports 385 cryptocurrencies [Nov 12 2018].

source is a revolutionizing digital exchange which makes the trading of cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks and other traditional assets possible all in one platform at a goal. makes it possible for traders who are interested in trading all of these assets on one platform to take away the stress of having to register on many exchanges and brokers. has a native token TIOx, the token ticker was TIO but it was changed to TIOx after the fork. TIOx holders have additional benefits that are unavailable to non-holders.



Kucoin is another cryptocurrency with its native token KCS that awards its holders a percentage of the exchanges total trading fees, KCS is number 65 in coinmarketcap. Kucoin supports 403 digital assets and it's number 49 in cryptocurrency exchanges by trade volume [Nov 12 2018]. Kucoin charges 0.1% of the profits on trades with no fees for deposits.



OKEx is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of volume, it's ranked as the number one exchange by trade volume with the total volume of $587.41M [Nov 12 2018]. It was launched in 2014 by Chinese bitcoin giant OKCoin based in Beijing. OKEx supports 516 digital assets. OKEx exchange is available on iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows.


Every single piece in this article is based on the Author's research. It's not in anyway giving you investment advice. You are advised to make your own proper research before concluding on the exchange to use for trading digital currencies. Official Web Links