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Hello everyone. I'd like to continue my introduction about HubrisOne platform today and here is the follow up of my articles.

What is the main problem with crypto?

Now, cryptocurrency business requires a flowing association to the world of fiat money. Current applications are not user-friendly and lack a pleasant user experience.

Solution that HubrisOne offers

HubrisOne has created a cryptocurrency asset and fiat account authority clarification that executes it simple to attach your fiat current account for smooth entry and exit toward the cryptocurrency business. Every one of your primary cryptocurrency co-operation beneath one shelter. All process is powered by the HBRS token.


A complete cryptocurrency-fiat trusted ground that contains digital assets, fiat money, crypto-lending capacities, cross-border pay adjustments, immediate exchange, and combined wealth aggregate solutions, covered in a flawlessly accessible user-interface.

What HobrisOne provides more?

•Currency Choice

You can spend Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Pound or Pound, Euro in real-time through the HubrisOne platform.


You can receive cashback in HBRS tokens as an award for your account movement when you use your card. Even rewards are possible in HBRS tokens when you execute a deposit.

•Travel Chance with Cryptocurrency

You can move globally and use your cryptocurrency assets or spend regular currencies from your HubrisOne account.

HBRS Token

HubrisOne users need to keep a specific number of tokens in their wallet for accessing particular uses of the HubrisOne platform. These tokens can be obtained straight from exchanges.

HBRS tokens would be burnt quarterly. For every new client that meets the HubrisOne, 100 HBRS tokens from reserve would be burnt. While the ecosystem expands, the supply diminishes.

HBRS tokens provide rewards for activities such as:

✔Cashback on your debit card
✔Discounts for premium features
✔Cashback for deposits in your wallet


Final Words

HubrisOne will create a solid connection between the real world finance system and digital investments. I don't need to explain how important this is. I'm following with interest.


For more details, please visit project links below

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This article is not meant to give commercial or any other kind of advice. It is just an informative text at all.
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