Bitcoin goes Bullish!!!!

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Good news for all crypto enthusiasts. In my last article, I shared some thoughts on crypto falling. To my surprise, it happened so swiftly and instantly that left me amused but it also came back to life as I assumed.

Guys, this current upstream in the value of cryptocurrency is a positive sign. This indicates that we are not riding a punctured raft but we are cruising in a survivor. We should not lose hope in crypto for the next generations will praise us of making a firm and positive decision.

I see Bitcoin will be playing somewhere in between 4000 to 45oo for this whole week. If you have already booked profits then make sure to mark an exit at 4400. Do not delay it and do not be greedy. Play wise and safe for, Destiny is all.

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That would be nice! Im about to put a few dollars into bitcoin tonight. The RobinHood app finally included my state to crypto trading. I can buy and sell all the bitcoin (and stocks) I want with no fee's - Take that Coin base! :-)

That's good news but you gotta be very alert while trading. Keep in touch and we can discuss the potential coins. :- good luck

Expecting Bitcoin to go sideways for a while like it did in 2014

It will not. Not now! It does not matter what money you have to put in but all that matters is that how you trade your money. Enter and exit strategy is the key if you want to multiply the money.

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