Why Libra is getting so much attention?

Since the first news releases about Facebook's crypto (if you call it a pure crypto I believe), press and media have shown a massive amount of attention on this subject. Even President Donald Trump bashed Libra, which was unveiled just a month ago, saying it will have "little standing or dependability."

Well, why not? a country with 2 billion people living in it (Facebook), and the power to circulate any currency assigning for internal transactions (which is mostly advertising) can attract attentions.

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Still, there has been more news and speculations rather than released versions of the product. but, I see a positive point in this: projects are rising up on the hype and it reminds me of the time BTC was rising to $20k and everybody was announcing a project, ICO, blockchain etc.

Just to give you a sample, as a new comer, two crypto enthusiasts have launched a cryptocurrency payment platform known as Metal Pay. The crypto platform is introduced as a rival to Facebook’s Libra, given that it is structured to be person to person (P2P) payment application just like Libra.

Even though block chain based payment options such as Facebook’s Libra reportedly face many regulatory hurdles from all over the world, this has not slowed down or dampened other inventions that set to provide similar services such as Libra. In contrast, many platforms are coming up, such as Metal Pay and some other recently launched projects.

Anyway, I know that the Social Media giant hears us, you don't have a great reputation for privacy protection among us, dear Facebook! It is likely to be swiftly integrated into Facebook's suite of communications platforms, including Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. So we have the right to be concerned on our financial activities and information to be protected.


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Greetings appreciated @honarparvar.

Libra will remain a topic with much controversy even after its launch.
The immense advantage that Facebook has over others is its "population". Assume that barely 3% of facebook users will adopt Libra, this would be an unprecedented phenomenon in terms of adoption.

Time will tell.

Your friend, Juan

Dear @honarparvar

I'm not sure if Libra is actually receiving enough attention. I tried to talk about Libra association with several people. Some of them familiar with blockchain, others not. Pretty much all of them facebook users.

And absolutely not even one person knew what Libra is about. Telling them about current "battle" between all major corporations (working together under Libra associations) vs goverments+central banks doesn't seem to interest people. It's strange since it's a battle betwen two huge forces, the most powerful ones on the planet I would say. And yet people do not care much.

That's my impression in Europe.

a country with 2 billion people living in it (Facebook)

Good point.

However personally I don't believe in those 2 billions. How many active users facebook actually have? Users that didn't delete account and are also using it for anything else than messanger?

How many actually trust FB? They may have enormous reach, but they are lacking that trust and I surely won't use Libra and I will recommend everyone else to do the same.

projects are rising up on the hype and it reminds me of the time BTC was rising to $20k

Indeed, we surely noticed some growing interest with crypto since Libra project has been announced. Would you think that crypto market is ready for another bull run? Are we ready for another 2017? With regulators coming back to this space with full force (which would happen if mass media would talk a lot again about crypto).

Upvote on the way :)


Hi Piotr:

I agree with you when you say that you are not paying much attention to this legal battle of Facebook and FATF. Practically people do not care.
If they wanted to use this theme as part of their advertising campaign then they failed in the attempt.

Regarding the number of FB users. It seems to me that this is the true value they possess and is their "ace up their sleeve."


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Although I would instead have started an aggressive campaign of cryptography education taking advantage of the immense level of projection it has.

Your friend, Juan.

Libra is a GOOD thing.... it pits the CI_A (aka lifelog aka FB) against the bankers.
this is a case of watching the enemy destroy another branch of itself imho

From my reading I doubt FB have 1b let alone 2b active users. They are just numbers to sell marketing imho.

But the really good thing is if Libra takes on the gov regulators it will force the govs & co to write some rules that will enable the roll out of proper distributed crypto.

So in the mean time popcorn stock should be rising :-)


I deleted my FB account, it's quite an achievement for me.

Good for you brother Ashok. The king Ashoka left his kingdom in search of eternal truth. Eventually giving up his own religion and asking bakshish as a forest wanderer. He is also rumored to have created a team of 9 men who hold ancient Vedic secrets of time and space travel.

Maybe next year towards the halving day we'll have a rally in BTC.
Indeed as the banking system is getting rid of workers, Libra should get more attention. Les Echos in French was getting as far (in one article) as saying that banking jobs are going the way of steel industry jobs (in the West,at least)...

« Le secteur bancaire est en train de vivre ce qu'a vécu la sidérurgie dans le passé », reconnaît Richard Pons.

The Libra project is the right step for the Facebook team.
This social network needs to have its own financial instrument for making payments between users.
Of course, Facebook could make a payment system on the "old" and "familiar" algorithms.
But, to implement it as a crypto project - is to support the financial revolution and give billions of people hope for a new, more free and less costly, financial world.

Libra is Phoenix Rising. It is a one world currency. It is the electronic version of the pyramid, the all seeing eye.


Hi @crypto.poitr

You asked me my thoughts on this, so here they are:

I believe that Facebook wasn't fully aware of the backlash they would get when they announced Libra, (which btw is NOT a cryptocurrency but rather a digital currency). They probably assumed that they would be able to continue their global expansion into the market largely unchecked as been the case in the past.

Most people are content to let others do the heavy lifting when it comes to policing and figuring out what is acceptable or not in terms of regulation. But considering Facebook's history with mishandling public trust, I agree with you, we should be paying more attention to how the company operates and what it's true motives are.

Facebook claims that the move into the digital exchange market is a way to help their users save money by competing with the likes of Paypal and other online payment systems that charge exorbitant fees to use their services, and that may be true, but it's only part of the story. as many have pointed out, currency controlled by a non-democratically-elected board of largely massive corporations should send off warning signs.. And we have already seen politicians, and financial watchdogs ordering moratorium to halt Facebook from continuing development of Libra until more clearly defined regulations are in place.

It is in the central govt's best interest to monitor and track operations like these and I trust they will remain vigiliant in their attempts to thwart FB from achieving that level of financial control over it vast user base.. the big question is will Facebook honor the regulations, or continue to subvert these attempts and heedlessly follow their own agenda.

Late thank you for your reply @striderpunk

Would you mind sharing with me what's your impression so far after latest forks? One week after hf21 and hf21 has been introduced?

Check out my latest publication..
It brought some real emotions. I've been downvoted by over half million SP (attack of few accounts), however I also received solid support and few strong upvotes and now I will be enjoying the biggest genuine payout in my lifetime ;)

Yours, Piotr

Libra has receive all the hype, but its use case scenario is very limited, Buyers will like Paypal better and with rise in domestic e-payment systems in countries, Libra's natural market is international payments and 3rd world countries with weak banking systems.

hi Peter, thanks for comment and support.
about FB, i do agree with you.
about prices and another 2017 thing, personally as a blockchain lover, I don't care about btc prices. I'd like to see more ppl everyday buying in to the idea of cryptos and blockchain.
as a trader, I like fluctuations! so a bull run prediction seems useless for me.
and I believe it's noone's power to do so.


A currency 100% under their control? no thanks just accept Bitcoin!

Your TIME is the single greatest currency these tech companies want. this is just another way of keeping you on their platform; therefore they are where you spend your time.

thanks buddy.
can't agree more on the value of time

Libra has greatly increased interest in crypto currencies. As for the launch, it will be very different. We look forward to this. As for the Libra, the price of all the coins will increase excessively.

yep; the mass adoption stimulator

I like that "pound" has so much publicity because it drives other currencies, many more people will be interested in the blockchain.

Hello my dear @honarparvar, certainly Libra has raised a lot of "dust".

So we have the right to be concerned on our financial activities and information to be protected

I believe that the greatest concern and anger of the enemies to overcome on the part of Libra, is the distrust generated by the information and data leakage scandals, if they did it once it is possible that this will continue. I said it before, the reason behind that great alliance is to try to minimize these scandals and regain confidence alongside all these companies.

Thanks friend, very good post ... Take care.

hi, thanks for reading and the comment 🙏🏼

I hope we can trust Facebook with crypto after all the selling people's data illegally

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Just like @crypto.piotr said even i have trust issues with Facebook and many more FB users think alike.

Facebook able to track your location, knows your private details etc.

With the release of their crypto not sure how they do it but there is a high chance the price will go high due to the amount of users they have.

But we will only find out when it actually happens.

don't forget the fact: ppl need libra to use in facebook ads. it's not all about privacy or anonymity

I had heard of Metal Pay. Does it have a connection to an established infrastructure like Facebook?

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