Tokenizing real world assets

in cryptocurrency •  7 months ago  (edited)

Are you interested in sci-fi stories?
what about cryptocurrency?!

then what if I tell you a story based on blockchain, which sounds like fiction!?


A 36.5 million dollar condominium in new York City has just been sliced into digital shares, and everybody could own a piece of it! how do you feel?

To me, it's exactly what we need in cryptom market: adoption. in the video, there's a part people introduce themselves: civil engineer, programmer, constructor, broker.... and they all are now engaged in a blockchain project, tokenizing a real asset.

this market never disappears! don't be terrified by price meltings 😉

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Oha....... Thx for that Article !!! :D

makes hope for cryptos........


sure it does 😏



This is crypto ...



this looks interesting,.. I also saw this article on twitter. check it out as well.

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hi @honarparvar

great choice of topic. Myself Im lately very interested with this issue and security tokens.

and the truth is that im terrified. currently property market is a huge bubble. can you imagine how this bubble will get bigger now? people living in prime locations will not afford to live there any more. because investors will bring prices up to new highs.