The IOTA cryptocurrency

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The IOTA cryptocurrency is hot at the moment. The current announcement of the IOTA group planning to cooperate with Microsoft has blown its price to the moon, with its current market cap being 9 billion dollars. That is when its not even listed on such a major exchange as Bitrex!

What I personally like about IOTA is that it is completely different from all other cryptocurrencies, which use blockchain. IOTA doesn't use blockchain technology at all, but uses the 'Tangle', which is a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph). Unlike in blockchain, where the miners enable transactions, in this system the sender performs a kind of proof of work which approves two transactions. So, the act of making a transaction and validating transactions is coupled. This makes it a truly decentralized system.

Since, there are no miners, there is also no fee involved. And the speed of transactions increase as the number of users increase, making it much more scalable than blockchain based cryptocurrencies. In my opinion, this is a truly revolutionary technology. What do you think? Have you already invested in it or planning to invest in it?

You can learn more about it at

From where you can buy it?
You can buy it from bitfinex.


Thanks for information -2 best exchanges we can buy IOTA now are and I bought IOTA at Cool! # Binance review

Happy on the moon!

I picked up a few IOTA coins over on Binance

Great move. IOTA will be big!

I hope so ...

Yes and in future buyers of altcoins would realize that from using IOTA as the "universal conversion coin", they'd be saving a lot from the fees. With numerous people doing this, IOTA would benefit massively @hmushtaq

Yes exactly.

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Wow... that is very kind. Thanks

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