Buying The Dip 015: Brit Broadcasting Crypto 001 - I'm On DTube!

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Hello Steemit.

The end of my posts have for far too long now said "Coming Soon" just below the YouTube/DTube section, but today that ends. It came sooner than I thought it would but I am officially on both platforms and have uploaded my first video on DTube. The best way to learn anything is by doing it so that is what I have done. As I have stated on several occasion now, I want to use this platform to the full extent available to me and the sooner I can do that, the better. I love posting here on Steemit and will continue to do so for as long as their is an audience but I feel it necessary to continue growing that audience too and the best way to do that is to extend the availability of my content. I hope to gain more traction on DTube than YouTube as I would prefer to stay native to this wonderful system.

I intend on transferring a few ideas I have for here across to the video platforms so that I can talk in more detail about them, so expect to see longer format ideas on their as well as very short updates that I think are better served there. The bulk of my efforts and time will be put into this platform here and will be used as a free patreon of sorts, offering content that only you here on Steemit can see.

This was always the natural next step in my Steemit adventure and I hope that you who are here now can come with me on this journey as your support is purely what drives me. Any suggestions you have for future topics and videos you want to see please feel free to contact me here on Steemit and I will do my upmost to provide that content for you. Anytime I am choosing between topics for a video it is on here that the voting power will have most influence, to those who were there first and who are supporting me and the Steemit platform.

So for those who wish to watch my first introduction video please view that here on Dtube.

Once the next crypto-tool exists I'm sure I'll have to update this again.
HJB. CryptoKnight.