Buying The Dip 014: I Don't Do ICOs... Yet.

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Hello Steemit.

In this ever-evolving space, I too need to be ever-evolving. My investing philosophy has been a largely safe one as of so far and I think now is the time where I need to reevaluate my position and my approach towards the market. Will we see the same successes in 2018 as we did throughout all the last 12 months? It's hard to say with full affirmation whether or not that will be true, we could see a larger increase in the interest and investment into the crypto-environment or it could well be the end of it all and this idea of the bubble bursting could well be true.  Whether this i true or not remains to be seen and only time will tell and as I have said to many people IRL who make this comment to me, as long as I come out on top I'm fine, it's only the bag-holders who lose, but quite simply I don't want anyone to lose, that's why I'm not just invested in this space but also write these articles for you as I truly believe long term we will be the true winners.

But has playing it safe got in the way of me truly making the progress that I wanted to make by this point (and that until early January I was)? Has investing in the Amazon's and Google's of crypto instead of the SnapChat and Uber's led to this plateau that I speak of or is it purely the current market that is making me even have this conversation?  In all honestly I believe it to be the second of the too as I think I have invested well in smaller projects that in years to come will come good and show to be solid, solid investments, but the answer is not that simple and in reference to my aforementioned necessary evolution their is one important string that needs to be added to my bow and one that relies on the same skills of research and diligence that I have shown so far: ICO's.

I could list all the ICO's that I've missed out on but we all already know which ones I should have been in (shout-out AntShares) and wasn't however it is not what I didn't invest in that is important, it's why. I would no longer describe myself as new to the space and I definitely wouldn't describe myself as ill informed, quite the contrary. This doesn't mean that this wasn't always the case though and as with any skill or trade learning the craft well at the beginning will serve you well in the long run. I am not here for 1000x gains, I'm here for longevity and being part of the future. That being said, I would never turn down the opportunity to have both of those things which it would seem was more than possible with many projects (again shout-out AntShares). Whilst learning about the space and the technology my ability to take risks on projects was not as substantial as it is now. Now when I look at an ICO I am able to see whether the team looks good, which projects they are associated with and more importantly which projects they are in direct competition with. As with any emerging market you will be thrown five of one type of vision and six of another all with the promise of being the best. In the ICO space we are seeing projects that are making promises that we are yet to see any returns on and quite frankly that has been the main reason for lack of involvement on my part.

I have so far relied on projects already listed on exchanges that have clear roadmaps that have areas of their vision already fully realised but with a strong vision ahead that I can have assured reliance on delivery in, projects like Achain and Cardano. These projects have rewarded my involvement so far and I believe will continue to do so however at the time of my discovering these projects what was different to my initial level of exposure to ICO's currently available to me? Realistically, absolutely nothing. I am as interested in BeeToken, Boosteroid and Rentberry as I am in most other projects that I am currently invested in, so why am I not invested. The simple answer is that the spread of my risk-reward is narrow, too narrow.

As such moving forward this cannot continue to be the case. I am not saying to throw your life's savings at any old ICO, scams exist and projects start that have no scalabilty or the ability to progress to where their vision is set however big, promising, real projects exist and are using ICO's as an opportunity to gain the funds needed to realise these aims whilst rewarding you for your financial and community support. The projects with great visions that fail will be replaced by other projects that can fulfill the promised made as we have seen with the ever growing space so do your research, take your time, protect your funds and put your money where you believe it should be in projects you love and understand and be part of the cryptocurrency future today.

I love starting new series' here on Steemit as it gives me an opportunity to give you the information I spend large amounts of my time gathering. As well as this it gives me the inspiration I need to continue putting in the work into this space so to make sure both you and I come out of this post with something going forward I plan on starting a new series covering every new ICO I see that catches my attention and giving you all the details I can on the project so we can both benefit and be part of the future together.

Could you imagine if you bought Amazon at $1.96?
HJB. CryptoKnight.

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