Buying The Dip 011: Losing 2FA Codes

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Hello Steemit.

So this seems to happen to me at the worst possible times every time it happens. For some context I own a HTC One M9 (other phones are available) that I have owned for over two years now. The phone itself is fantastic but my mistreatment of it has caused it serious harm. A constant overcharging of the phone (I just unplugged it now realising my mistake once more) has led to a serious deterioration  of it's battery lifespan and often it will turn itself off anywhere between 50% and 1% for an action as simple as receiving a text message. This is fine as I always have a charger with me as a back up. What is not fine is when it dies and decided that upon turning on it fancies losing all my app data on Google Authenticator and Blockfolio. This happened yesterday again and has left me in what most people would describe as a negative situation, but I'm seeing the positives even if they are clouded in uncertainty.

The last time this happened I was able to resolve the issue of not being able to access my exchange accounts with Binance (the only exchange I was on bar Cryptopia which I have a pin set instead) within 20 minutes and had a fantastic time with them. However, as noted in previous posts I have recently joined both KuCoin and Cobinhood among others. It is with these exchanges that I am currently having issues, having saved my Binance Auth Key after the first instance, which I will do after this instance is concluded alongside switching my allegiance from GA to Authy which does not cause this problem upon rebooting my device I have found. I have sent the necessary information to both exchanges for unbinding requests and now I must wait, though apparently not for the 20 minutes I saw with Binance. KuCoin recommends 3-7 days and there was no timescale provided by Cobinhood, though their Telegram group admin and support team were very helpful (shout-out Henry).

So why am I positive in this situation? Why aren't I worrying about my balances value and security? The reason is simple, I am far too involved with cryptocurrency prices all day. Being inside the bubble all day creates it's own idiosyncratic issues, mainly that of emotional over-involvement. All projects I have positioned in myself I did so because I liked the product and vision, not because I expected the price to drop to zero, why would I invest if I did right? As such I shouldn't be worried about menial issues of what the price will be in 3-7 days when I return to the exchanges, I should be thinking about where I see the value in six months or in a year or longer.

As such I will be using this time wisely. Will I be exiting the crypto-space for this period? Not a chance. If anything I'm going to be more involved, but the method of my involvement will be different. I'm not looking for dips this week and I'm not looking at the price, I'm looking at the project and I'm looking at the market as a whole. When I return, it will still be there, but I will be more informed and more readied for the eventual bull market coming our way once more this year. In a way, I'm happy to be unable to trade because it means I can do the most tried and tested trading strategy in the space, I can hodl.

Despite this, I do keep checking my gmail every five minutes.
HJB. CryptoKnight.

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