Kin launched on Kik Messenger

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One Year after Kik's announcement to launch the cryptocurrency Kin, Kik has finally launched Kin to a limited set of beta users.
kin integration.gif

Why is this a big deal for crypto adoption?

For the first time, a cryptocurrency is being introduced to millions of every day users. Users will be able to earn and spend Kin by taking surveys, participating in polls, engaging with brands, creating content and promoting social causes.


Why is this a big deal for users?

For the first time, millions of users will be able to earn and spend Kin across an ecosystem of apps. Notably, avatar-based social network IMVU has tweeted its plans to integrate Kin into its platform.

Kin has also partnered with Unity, (makers of the biggest game development platform in the world), to integrate the currency into upcoming games, and The Blackhawk Network to deliver spend opportunities

One Wallet - Many Apps

The Kin Foundation is beta testing Kinit, a wallet that makes it easy for non crypto users to manage their Kin - and simplify things like sharing KIN balances from digital services, tracking transactions, and backing up private keys.

This will let users flow from one app to another - earning Kin in one and spending it in another. This will also move developers from a 'walled garden' approach, where instead of hoarding users, will share them in a growing ecosystem that benefits everyone. It remains to be seen whether Kin will succeed as a currency, but if it does succeed, it could very well pave the way for crypto mass adoption.

Image credits: Kin Ecosystem

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I never used Kik before but i hear its big with the kids

Mostly teens, from what I've heard

mostly cam girls

Cryptos are abit like hot potatoes and a lot of the time they hit the floor! I am still yet to climb back out of my hole :( lost too much money!

Haha! So true, right? I still have high hopes for this market.

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