Current Situation --> STEEM - SBD - BTC || BTC May Be At The Point of Buy

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All coin values are showing a decline. In the past days, Binance's hacking caused a hard decline, especially in Bitcoin.

Steem and SBD values also continue to decline.



Steem and SBD seem to will have pretty much the same values. If you are thinking of turning your Steems into SBD, you can put an order for $1.1 in the market. (This is my opinion.)



BTC has made a comeback on the $8600 support line. The MACD and RSI graphs also show the buy point. But we can't say what will be yet. Some analysts think BTC will decline to the $4200 level.

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Gracias por tu conclusión pienso igual que tu, cada dia disminuye mas es preocupante.Excelente gráfica.Saludos


Thank you very much :))


A tu orden, y es de mucho beneficio estas publicaciones para mantenernos informados sobre los cambio que presenta steem, gracias por publicar.Te invito a que pases por mi blog, y me des tu opinión sobre mis ultimos contenidos sera un gran placer contar con tu apoyo desde ya siguiendote, saludos.

I feel like BTC might linger at these levels for the rest of the month but $4200 seems very unlikely to me.

I think so too...I really think that bitcoin is on the raise for the better and what we are seeing lately when it comes to bitcoin and that's heavy usage

Thank you very much @hirsliturna for this information