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"In a world where everyone shows and tells everything... I value privacy and discretion." by Sonya Teclai

When we first met @Blockops here in Panama before the initial hardfork from ZClassic we thought the platform had legs. Now fast forward a few months and our confidence is growing by the day. A few weeks back @TatianaMoroz joined the team bringing her marketing skills to the table.

I like to say that many of the platforms have amazing tech but they also are clueless about marketing. There are a few projects that come to mind immediately but I won't say names. What good is amazing technology if you do not know how to deliver the information to the community in a language they understand?

What is ZenCash?

The world's first private, distributed, and reliable platform for communications, transactions, and publishing.


Today the Zencash Price is .0016 BTC or About $7.


ZenCash WhitePaper.

This is one of those projects that once we educate the world about the importance of their privacy, users will flock to it. I have had many conversations over the last year discussing the pendulum effect. I think we are on the cusp of people longing for privacy once again. For the last two decades, more and more of our privacy has been given over to government and corporations. ZenCash offers us a way to take a little bit of our privacy back.

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In my opinion Zencash project is very interesting!

Zencash is very interesting coin... There will always be demand for private coins like Monero and ZenCash... Thanks @hilarski for sharing this ....

yes privacy coins are becoming more popular for good reason, and ZEN is my favorite :)

I bought ZenCash months ago, am still in the Slack channel for it, and strongly support the coin.

They have a good mission and a good team. It is my sincere hope that they succeed. I've held on to the 92 coins I own and refuse to sell them. My initial investment has more than halved since the ICO, but I'm not worried at all. It will recover almost for sure.

The new marketing team has been doing a spectacular job too. Kudos to them and you @Hilarski !

I promise to let the world know about it.

I didn't know this coin thanks for share this info

I wrote about it alot a few months ago when it launched. Now, we are officially part of the team.

Perfect man i will search more info about it

@hilarski These functions can be utilized to serve disenfranchised populations currently excluded
from vital services such as banking and healthcare due to lack of identification, capital, and
secure channels. They can also be leveraged by individuals who desire to take ownership
over and monetize their private data, or, for example, by enterprising communities that wish
to develop a competitive bidding system on internally generated solar energy. The unique
implementations are unbounded, the common link being the belief that decentralization
is the engine of moral progress, and that voluntary solutions are the most creative and

I am 100% for voluntary everything!

That's a great tips friend! I will go for it! Thanks again!

(My upvote power was drained and not yet recovered. Please allow me three more days to upvote with 100% uvp)


No worries ; )

Thank you!


zencash rate is increasing should i buy it ? :)

I am, but buying us up to you.

Yeah sir i messaged you on facebook :)

Thanks for sharing this post.I would like to know more about it.

Privacy is the main thing we all want and I'm glad blockchain technology allows it.
I may buy a bit of Zencash since it will probably go up in value with a solid project. I've also been looking into Civic which is also privacy orientated and it is supposed to act as a safe way to store your personal details to use as verification instead of using a passport of maybe driving licence.
Thanks for the suggestion @hilarski

Thank you for this post man! I will definately take a look at zencash!

the first time i hear this coin , thank you so much for this update , i will check out maybe invest in it

So many cryptos to look out for. Thanks for sharing this one with us too, I'll add it on the list of "to watch".

Wow thanks for the recommendation @Hilarski , do they have any announcements coming out soon we may want to know about? (: And also what is the official story, this is a hardfork of Zcash?

Hardfork of ZClassic which was a Hardfork of ZCash.

Sounds awesome, thanks for the insight! 😎

Sounds like I should be keeping an eye on ZenCash, especially if they are now making a move to improve the marketing side of things. Conceptually, the privacy aspect will become more and more valuable as totalitarian regimes keep cracking down on free speech more and more.

Marketing is so under valued in Crypto. I am here to change that mentality.

An expository writeup @hilarsky,zencash concept on privacy is good in this current dispensation but its rather lackluster when it comes to public awareness,marketing of their products,its high time zencash leap out of the shadow playing second fiddle to make a bold statement,upvoted and resteem... @detycoon

A new addition to the crypto world

Thanks for sharing, I will add it to my list of cryptos to investigate further

its new for me zencash @hilarski sir whats ur opinion about it now the time to buy zencash?

I own a few but it is still a small percentage of my portfolio. I like any project that is doing something that the people want.

nice i hace already some and i hope it make me good profit after a while sir

ZenCash is really interesting and is very cost-effective method to assist with unpaid invoices focuced to help small business.

zencashofficial ZenCashOfficial tweeted @ 17 Aug 2017 - 16:46 UTC

ZenCash Will Deliver for #Privacy Advocates
by @RandyHilarski $Zen

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Monero and Zencash, both are promoting privacy. But the price is far different. Monero at around 47 usd while Zencash is 7 usd. And the best thing for monero, it be mine even with the use of normal computer. You do not need to buy a coins, just mine for it everytime you computer idle.

@hilarski - Sire, this is a good news for ICO lovers. Therefore, I'm going to RESTEEM this post!


This was not an ICO but rather a hardfork of a current coin called ZClassic.

Another great tip. Just one problem. I have no more money to invest xD

Interesting, thanks for sharing
I notice that it is about 50% down from its $415 peak in last June

I wish I had more money because there's about five projects I want to put into. Adex is now at $2.30. When you posted yesterday it was at $1.08 I really wish I had put money in then and I wonder if it's too late to put it in now..... tomorrow could be at $5.

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interesting post!

Thanks for telling about ZenCash this is really something new to me

I like the part about the privacy.

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