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Why Hedge could make you A LOT of money:

Short story:

Hedge could go to $20 in the very near future with a modest increase in market cap. (A $70 million increase)
To $119 with a market cap equal to LISK.

All it needs now is an increase in volume.

Long Story:

The current coinenomics behind Hedge:

Market cap: $4,667,215
Circulating supply: 3,709,674
Total supply: 5,774,676
Price: $1.26


If Hedge obtains the same market cap as the present #100 (GRS - $48,530,577) on CoinMarketCap.com, the price of HDG will be between $8.40 - $13.08.

If Hedge obtains the same market cap as the present #50 (DOGE - $136,871,162) HDG will be between $23.70 - $36.89.

If Hedge obtains the same market cap as the present #10 (MIOTA - $1,373,602,173) HDG will be between $237.86 - $370.27


Let's be modest and say the market cap lands somewhere around $74 million, that puts HDG at $20.
If it lands around the same mark as LISK ($690mil), that puts it at $119.
If you want to buy and hold, go to HitBTC.com
Currently trading with ETH.

This is Hedge as of Nov 9 at 0800.


Our Company Token Magic Helped Hedge Token with Their ICO.

We have believed in this project from the beginning and will continue to. The Hedge Token team is really putting together some great Crypto indexes for investors. I believe this is a great way for Crypto Currency investing to attract a much larger investor audience. Check out the video.

Thank You Ross Rinaldo for Providing the Breakdown Above.

This information was first published this morning on the Crypto Coin Trader on Facebook. 50% of the earnings of this post will go to Ross.

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did'nt know about it.. the advertisement on palace is real?!


Nope that is my creation. ; )

I didn't know this coin man, really good arguments and analysis so go buy it. Regards


I have written about it at least six times Brotha!


Very strange man i followed the past icos that you post here but i can't remember this one anyways thanks for your explanation :

thanks a lot for telling us in details about hedge token, the future of this coin also looks so bright.

This simply looks like a ETF where it is a bunch of altcoins versus one specific. I have a feeling a lot of these will pop up very soon diluting Hedge. If I am mistaken please let me know. I am still somewhat of a noob in the crypto world. Thanks.


Sure that could happen but they have first mover advantage and approval by the EU.

This type of market analysis is really helpful to know about that.

Okay, so you believe in it too, there it goes my funds!

Thank you for sharing Valuable information @hilarski.
Huge points you showing, Hedge tokens make lot of money indeed. Its best profit. Resteemed.

That's great now back up the truck again and buy your Momma some!!!!


We own plenty ; )

Thanks for sharing the info about Hedge Coin. The question is can hedge coin beat BTC??


It is not meant to beat BTC. It is a Crypto index for investors meaning Bitcoin is included.


Accept my apologies. I miss understood this line

Hedge could go to $20 in the very near future with a modest increase in market cap. (A $70 million increase)
To $119 with a market cap equal to LISK.

Tu consejo es más que suficiente para atreverme a invertir :)
Gracias por compartir la información, @hilarski.



This has me intrigued! I like the looks of this coin! Research will commence later!! Thanks for tip @hilarski!


That was why I wrote the post. Someone had to light the fire. ; )

Bueno, no soy experto en criptomonedas, pero el solo hecho de recomendar, me atreverá a invertir en esta moneda, pues confío en tu buen juicio, hermano.


Bueno Noticias @Oneray! Yo gusto esta criptomoneda mucho.

Helpful and supportive post @hilarski.. How can I buy the Hedge token..?? When i tried the above link HitBTC.com, it just open up a page asking contact token magic.. How can I ??

Hey.....it's a good analysis...
Thank's for ..your information....
Love to read your post
@followed and upvoted

Buena info, hermano. Me gusta mucho lo prometedor que se ve este mundo de las criptomonedas.

fantastic information and great about hedge token.

@hilarski I was thinking to buy any currency but I was confused. I don't know have much knowledge about cryptocurrencies. But this answers me everything. Perhaps it will be so profitable to hold this currency. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. I need to you How can I contact you? Are you at Facebook or Discord?


I am holding a large amount of this token. The small market cap and great plans make this one attractive to me.


You are a expert. I are doing best. I want to ask you something about this market. Can you please help me? How can I contact you?

Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement
.i love reading your post ,great work ,will start investing hedge

'Hedge could go to $20 in the very near future with a modest increase in market cap. (A $70 million increase)'
Very interesting article and hope to be a part of it. Feeling awesome about this Coin~

According to your article Hedge might be worth more than 10 times of the current investment in sooner time! Great article and analysis about Hedge Token! Thanks for sharing with us!


You always comes with interesting news & updates. Hedge looks like a good place to be millionaires.

~Followed & Upvoted


Salutations. JaiChai here.

The Hedge Project White Paper, under the heading "Market Insight" states (at the very end of the paragraph) "...to means of payment (Ripple).

Was that just an example of unanticipated cryptocurrency success or does the Hedge Project plan to engage with Ripple?

And after completing a cursory look just now, the project is very ambitious, indeed.




I have never seen that. We all know how much I dislike Ripple. The project utilizes Ethereum.



Thanks for replying - and so quickly!

Maybe it was mentioned in the White Paper just as an example of "a means of payment", no?

Pretty fast on that trigger, amigo...



Looks like great buying opportunity, it is going definitely on my watchlist.

Useful information you posted @hilarski. This is a great way for Cryptocurrency investing of hedgetoken. Massive benefit will get i think.
Very helpful for us. Resteemed your post.

wow hedge token looks so promising indeed, i should try it soon, thanks for sharing the nice information about hedge token with us, it's helpful.

good profit you gain my bro.great job @hilarski .resteemed

What you think.. how much time i need to hold.. i know its tough to answer but i need an idea.. 6 months, 1 year or more?


It is up to you. I have a very large amount and it is now my largest holding outside of Bitcoin.

Hedge Token HDG ICO cryptocurrency Trading Project Platform........///////

Esta interesante.... busco posibilidades de inversion... gracias
It's interesting ... I'm looking for investment possibilities ... thanks

Yes, we need to buy some of this coin. It seems that it is very promising.


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Hedge has gone up by almost 50% in last 24hours. Thanks for sharing this tip with everyone. Though it is new in the market but I believe it will go up.

Great information about hedge token. Better analysed from you.
Upvote/ Resteem.

@hilarski - Sir it's a nice market cap comparison... It looks a worthy investment also.... Nice you decided to share this info Sir....
To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Informative....Thanks for the information and helpful .
Thank's for sharing sir...

nice job

Good profits! Hilarski

Outstanding perfomance for bitcoin...
Thank's for sharing...28XILya.gif

Nice information!

wonderful post..thank you for shahring


Hello @hilarski,

Hedge Token is a new token for me. But you did an extraordinary good analysis of this token based on Market Supply. Therefore, it seems to be at $20 in near future. Nice post with lots of details.


excellent comparison of crypto based on marketcap. impressive work @hilarski


Congratulations @hilarski
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looks promising time to hold some : )

1st one is the best one!!
its too good!

This Hedge project is interesting and I agree: It seems his price is low now.

I will study more and buy a small amount.

Graet informative post,sir...
to be continuable

I had no idea about this coin i will give it a closer look :)
Thanks for the tip!

the advertisement on palace is real?I didn't know this coin man, really good arguments and analysis so go buy it. Regards..I have written about it at least six times Brotha ok..