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Guld OS an Introduction.

Since Bitcoin introduced the blockchain concept in 2009, hundreds of experimental technologies have been developed to help users achieve consensus on one topic or another. The majority of these have been organized around the model of a central, unbranching trunk of absolute truth, i.e. a blockchain. To "fork" a blockchain, is perceived as negative, because it breaks the implicit or explicit contract of absolute truth that formed the chain.

Perhaps due to their unforkability, blockchains have proved inflexible at managing conflict and change. Though Turing complete contract systems have been created, these have so far been insufficient to address the problem of the Firm, let alone the Government. This restricts blockchains to the realm of prices and payment systems, and outside of the firm.

A relativistic blocktree of perspectives would be a much more flexible and powerful platform for propagation of information in contracts, communities, firms, and governments. Such trees operate on abstract beliefs and observations to create causal relationships between nodes, and allow efficient proofs.

Read the Guld Whitepaper.

Last Night Ira Miller the Founder of Guld Explained the Blocktree and How to Use the Guld A.I. or G.A.I. Thank you to our hosts the Panama Blockchain Embassy.

We learned how we could interact with our G.A.I. in Telegram. We can ask prices of Crypto Currency like Bitcoin, Guld and Dash. We also learned how we will be able to transfer our Guld to other users directly on Telegram. I highly recommend you join us on Telegram. The Guld Blocktree is truly going to transform our industry.

Guld is my second largest HODLing of crypto and will soon be available for all to buy on exchanges.

Join the Telegram Here.

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Gracias por la información como siempre tu con contenido de calidad.. Admirable amigo

It sounds interesting your moto about Pareto law. I strongly believe that if you want to have quality in our life we have to focus on the most important goals and values!!!

sounds interesting

Oh really this is informative post...we'll use the upcoming Guld for holding crypto.
Thanks for the share
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Sure my dear friend. I appreciate your upcoming
Guld. Hope we are all steemian's use this Guld
For crypto.
Keep it up sir... I support you

good topic,sir @hilarski

A blocktree is the same as a blockchain in every aspect except that unlike in a blockchain every block can have only one descendent block, in a blocktree some or all blocks can have two or more descendent blocks.

for new comer,
If you are new to Bitcoin, check out,, We Use Coins and You can also explore the Bitcoin Wiki..

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Great! I am looking forward to see how we and the young generations share the faith for a better future that older generations have lost because of this cancer called corruption.
I feel very optimistic, great things are coming!
¡Vamos GULD! 👊

Muy interesante y estupenda idea

I wish you a very best of luck with your top pick for 2018

Interesting and nice after exploring this post. Hopefully be an example for me. Regards

Te felicito amigo muy interesante tu información, buen trabajo como siempre, saludos y un abrazo

Nice post..

wow if you say it then surely this is going to be big this year

the powerful blockchain is all set to disrupt the blockchain industry

can't wait to get my hands on to it :)

you shared an interesting thing today bro thanks for sharing

Muy buen contenido! como siempre muy completo y bien elaborado, Buen trabajo