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The Team is Making Moves to Overcome the Loss of Funds.

The other day this is what they had to say about the issue on Hedge Token Telegram.

"To all: it looks like the inclusion of the code to unlock parity wallets into the Constantinople (Ethereum) fork is unlikely. For the time being we will treat it as if its not happening. That said, project is moving on as planned with a combination of our own money, families and friends, and fiat loans. I'm very sorry for this fuck up, but HDG investors will not be in any way negatively affected."

In response to to the loss of funds Hedge Token just reduced their total coin supply by the amount they have stuck in their parity wallet (674,643 HDG Tokes/11%).

This is Good News and Could Possibly Help the Value of HDG.


Their telegram page said they didn't burn the tokens. They just put it in a wallet escrow until the Parity issue reaches a resolution. If they get the the Ethereum back these tokens will go back into the regular supply and if not they will be burned. This reduces the circulating supply for now.

They are also on target to hit their roadmap goals. I will be keeping you informed of any moves by the team.


Thanks for the update @hilarski. Most times I look at a roadmap of an ico or a "crypto" I can't help but wonder of the status updates/or if anyone holds them accountable over it.

Valued information as always hilarski. we have fork in december so i think we will see more red roads :) good to buy alts . Regards

thanks for staying us updated regarding hedge token, it's really helpful for us.

Yes, you are right, this will be a test for the team on the account and their ability to eliminate problems. Keep me posted, I will follow it. Thank you @hilarski

it could be warning but not to worry about HDG, good news is that team is managed and recovering brilliantly.

I think the problem will be resolved quickly, thanks for the information.

Yes @hilarski, last few days was very bad for both bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin have tremendous volume loss becauz of Segwit2X Cancellation and Ethereum experienced a unfortunate event that involved the Parity wallet which resulted in the freezing of $150 million worth of ether.

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Great updating news of HDG. If HDG loss some profit I `ll confirmly sure they will recover soon bcoz Hedgetoken give best value and price to their investors.

Most valuable info about Hedge Token overcome the loss of funds. They already doing steps to recover losses. But important is will not be any negative effect Hedge token investors. Thats massive news for HDG investors. Thank you for update us @hilarski.

The Hedge token team will be resolve their loss immediately. They are on target to hit . please refer the attachment for further details. HDG interface awesome. Wonder options and many more facilities, also best customer services they give. Thank you sir @hilarski.
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Looks like team behind Hedge Token are honest.

Thanks for the update. Sounds like a great team at Hedge Token. Accept the what happened and move on. If they get the funds back it's a bonus. Sucks when these things happen to business but it is worse when it derails the whole company.

hey, How this is happened, let's face the truth. I am still panic to join such systems until they are realy well established, they had burned 11% and this is one of the best newly advertised in the market as a new token, so what, at the end, some of them will close, as usual.

great content

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Hedge token is doing well, thanks a lot for sharing the news about hedge token, i will surely try it soon.

Really nice I am your fan about your daily fabulous post.

Whatever it cost, they try to keep on track (Road Map). That's a good idea. Nice update about Hedge Token.

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Hello @hilarski,

You always got something useful update to share. This is one of the useful news for all of us. Nice post.


Thanks For good post its really helpful for us @hilarski

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Excellent post. Thanks.

very informative post indeed. looking forward to read more about crypto currency investment

Thanks for your important information. I hope there will be a quick solution.

@hilarski - Sir, it's a very useful information for us.... Nice they are trying to overcome the issue....
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They burn 11% of their coin supply! That's a good thing, they are trying to reduce the loss! Unlike most of scam ICOs they are trying a genuine work! Thanks for updating such great information with us!


It has a lot of potential, looking where is all time price. Nice risk/reward ratio.

all will correct and all will earn as hours

Hedge Token is in a risky situation. But hope they do their best to overcome it.
'In response to to the loss of funds Hedge Token just reduced their total coin supply by the amount they have stuck in their parity wallet (674,643 HDG Tokes/11%).'
Good news indeed. Keep updating us~

Yea this will really improve the market especially after the drop of bitcoin and ethereum

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not a good news at all, but a good news too. nice you shared this info @hilarski


Thanks for this very useful information

I really hope Hedge will be a successful token, seems like the team is trustful and dedicated!

@hilarski great post again - big fan of your blog!!

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This was our last ep to give you some idea.

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wow, this parity problem has done a lot of damage!!

Both possibilities are open. We'll see in future, what happens to HDG.

Thanks for inform and keep posting

Thanks for sharing this info, most of them wouldn't be aware of it. HDG is going good, atleast for now.

Thanks for making us aware of the situation s . Nice to know that the conditions are improving .. great news about HDG. thanks for the updates..we will wait for more informations in the long run..

thanks for sharing this useful information with us, it's really helpful

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lets hope for an spike up in prices

Good news but it looks like it's not greatly helping the price for now