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Last Month I Gave Away Over 50,000 Flashcoin to Steemit Users and Members of the Crypto Currency Community.

Since that time Flash has made some serious progress. Chris Kitze asked @AnaHilarski and I to join the team. When I did the airdrop I just thought it would be a cool way to help spread the wealth and give the community a chance to experience how easy it is to use Flash.

If You Have Not Opened a Wallet Yet Click Here.

Whenever I look at what tokens to invest my hard earned Crypto Currency in there are a few features that I look for.

  1. Is it easy to use?
  2. Is the brand marketable?
  3. Is the price still at a level where I can make a nice profit?
  4. What is the technology behind the token?
  5. Is it decentralized?

How Easy is Flash to Use?

As far as ease of use Flash is by far the easiest token to use that I have ever seen. Sure it is built on the same tech as Bitcoin and Litecoin but it is super duper fast. It can also accomplish up to 25,000 transactions per second. Now that is fast!! A transaction from wallet to wallet takes less than 2 seconds.

How Marketable is Flash?

When I look at tokens I try to imagine if the masses will like the name or the branding. What I like about Flash is that it does exactly what the name wants to portray. It is a very fast network for transactions.

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Can We Grow Our Crypto Currency Holdings with Flash?

The ability to make a profit on my Crypto Currency holdings is always attractive. When Flashcoin was added to Cryptopia I was all over it. The reason is because it is not often that you get to be part of a project when it first launches on the exchanges. Most Crypto currencies do ICO's but that is not what Flash did. All 900m FLASH coins were distributed following the presale. This means every token that will ever be in existence is already on the market. I don't know about you but I like zero inflation for a coin that I hold.

Currently Flashcoin is trading for under $.01 USD. We bought the majority of ours for under $.005. That is an amazing deal! Once the trading volume rises Bittrex will be adding Flashcoin. I believe this will be a huge positive for the Flash market price.

Once in a while an opportunity comes along that I can't say no to. This was the one for us. Buy some on Cryptopia.


The technology behind Flash is none other than that used by Litecoin.

"The FLASH Blockchain is a fork of Litecoin technology. A number of significant modifications have been made. The settings have been changed in order to speed up the transactions to the blockchain. All the coins have been premined and the mining has been reset to the minimal degree of difficulty factor. The blockchain is secured behind firewalls in multiple secure data centers. Traditional consensus along with intrusion detection is used to prevent the blockchain from being taken over by an attacker. The purpose of the FLASH Blockchain is to replace the traditional transactional database with a network storage database and include an end-to-end security data structure."

The Decentralization and Governance of Flash.

"Because there is no mining to speak of processing costs are minimized and there are no miners to decide governing matters.
FLASH will be governed by 101 GovNodes and the votes of FLASH coin holders who commit their coins to a GovNode."

This was the one thing that I keep asking Chris about. Since there is no POW or POS how would the blockchain be governed? So the team came up with the idea of GovNodes. I will share more about this as I understand more about how it will work.

I Believe Flash Has a Bright Future and If You Like to Speculate Flash Should Be Added to Your Short List.

Buy Flash on Cryptopia.

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I really like your 5 point theory on how to judge if a new coin is worth investing. Number 3 would be the one I have the most trouble with!

Oh, i think i remember you were talking about investing in it few days ago.
So it is a fork of litecoin that is maxed out. Looks like an experiment.

Here you go!
See my previous comment on this post if your confused. Enjoy! :)

Post here:

Have a great day!


Hahahaha Very Nice!


Glad you like it!! :)

Hmmm, I will definitely take a closer look at it. And I most likely put some speculative money into it - it's just a matter of how much.

Just getting my feet wet.

The link you give brings me to the login page.
What would be the simplest way to buy flash ?
Do I have to passe by cryptopia ?
Thank you for this info very interesting.


Register on Cryptopia and search for Flash in the search bar. You will need bitcoin to buy it.

I should get some... sooo tuff to catch up with so much info everywhere on all these cryptos lol

Interesting. Never heard of it before. Need to take a closer look at it and understand what GovNotes are.

Hmm thanks for the valuable info, i am very much interested. Do you know when it will hit Bittrex?


No date set but the team is working with Bittrex.


Tried to create a web wallet but it kept on giving me an error message..

I dont really understand fully what flash coin is about yet, but its fast, thats what I know, transaction rate and all. Ill get some on bittrex and onto a wallet as soon as possible.


It is not on Bittrex yet. Grab some on Cryptopia before it hits Bittrex.


Thanks we will get a little to hold for the future.

I will look into this 'flash' :)

I'm still trying to get back into my account. If I can I will definitely get more.

Interesting project i will search more about it

Ok so I want in for sure, I will definitely be adding to my holdings.

Pretty cool. I'll take a look!

So I don't get it, who mines it? There is no miner app on their website, who stores the blockchain if there is no reward (~0.5 flash). How is the database decentralized? Does the dev org solely (majority) mine? What's to stop them from altering the blockchain to suit their need? ("Lord Vitalik" at least has the decentralized blockchain history to contend with - giving us ETC.)

I mean if we're gonna pump this coin for a profit, sure, but let me know before you plan to dump (or better yet, before you even think about dumping.)


No pump please, they will have nodes. There is no mining. I agree about the decentralization that I why I applauded the implementation of the nodes.


Also curious as to the answers to these questions.

So many coins to pay attention to these days now, either for pure speculation or the belief in the technology. Again great post @hilarski, I will probably buy like 100$ just for the sake of buying in.

Well I still don't have any cryptowallet so i might give this Flash a try :)

I still intend to invest money in Flash coin. Originally l was going to use Bitcoin but now I pulled it all and put it into other coins....... so I'm going to have to get creative to figure out where to pull it from.

Thanks so much for this post. I'll look into picking up a little bit. It sounds like a good cryptocurrency for nice speculative purchase.

interesting info

thanks for posting hilarski

I just heard about this coin via your article and found we can trade that coin at Bittrex Exchange. That would be a good news too. Thank you very much this useful information! Really appreciate the effort!

Thanks and Cheers~

Your post very amazing. You can have mayu vote, and then give your money. I want like you. If your want, followback my account and give your besr vote to my vote. Thanks @hilarski

Thanks for bringing a new crypto to my attention. Are you still giving any away?

Hummm ... It's interesting! I will give a look into this coin!

Thanks for sharing :)

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Thanks for this information. I will have to look more into this Flash.

I really like the idea how all the coins are premined speeding up the whole transaction process on the blockchain and giving a little less power to miners making it more widely decentralised.
Great to see they take large pride in security as that is one issue with many coins and ICOs recently.
I've created my wallet and I'll look into Flash a little bit more and then I'll put some money into it.
Thanks @hilarski!

But how to buy this token if it is not added to the stock exchange? And if you buy in the exchanger, then you need a special purse for it?

adding flash in my bucket list :D

Interesting, I wish I could pick up a few on Kraken (the only place I can seem to get verified after 3 months...)

Did anyone forget to mention NO miners Fees????

Why are most of the comments here voted by the same 4 people?

We threw a couple million flash in the wallets some time ago. The network speed is amazing and I really don't see how this isn't going to take off in the future because of it.

Flash is better than Bitcoin and Litecoin.
Flash go the faster life.🚀