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The Decent.Bet Team is on Target with Their Roadmap.

The Dev team is working hard on the user interfaces. Check out the sneak peak above.

The Development team continues to amaze! is pleased to announce the token version upgrade from version 1 to version 2. Here are some notes and highlights from Adrian Scott the Lead Dev.

The token upgrade includes the following improvements:

*Gas efficiency: throw() calls are replaced by revert() calls. This saves our community members gas in case they submit transaction calls that fail. In the version 1 token, they would lose their transaction gas, but in the version 2 contract, the gas will remain in their wallet.

*Code refactoring: Now that the ICO is complete, the new token refactors out the ICO-related code for a cleaner codebase.

*Token supply calculation: The new token version calculates and allocates the team vault, house fund and other token supply calculations based on the final ICO sale allocation.

Some Notes:

*The original token provided for this upgrade path. Tokens can be upgraded easily through the new wallet. They can also be upgraded through other wallets.

*Some gas is used in the upgrade process, so wallets will need to have some ether to do a successful token upgrade.

*When tokens are upgraded to the new version, the old version tokens are burned and thus no longer available.

*Source code for both the old and new token versions are viewable and verifiable on Etherscan. The new wallet displays both contract addresses in the Token Version section, for easy reference and transparency.

This upgrade can be done very easily once you have installed and set up your wallet.

1- Download and Install Wallet
Decent.Bet Wallet
2- Open the Wallet and Click “Create New Wallet”
3- Store Passphrase per instructions and click next.
4- Enter Passphrase
5- Enter your own password twice (minimum 8 characters)
6- Confirm password and click next

The wallet is now created and you may begin the process as outlined in this token upgrade video.

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Sort Order: cool has interface. Nice to eyes. Also Creative new wallet. Its fantastic work. Nice update video. all of are great. thank you @hilarski for your support.

Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great.
Good information you got over there , will keep on following you, thanks 🙏🏻 a lot ,
But sir can you help me trade ????

Very useful information about Decent.Bet. Most interesting thing is new wallet there. Its most secure with high performance password. another developing work is very better. Ready to use. Lets go guys...
Thank you @hilarski.

So much stuff is built off of the Ethereum network why does the price of Ethereum not increase because of this!?


It is a tool not money. Bitcoin is money.


But if ether is required for a lot of diffrent things like buying ICO's and consumed for upgrading etc. it would make sense that the price would rise, even though it is not actual money. Right?


that's kind of my thinking a portion of every coin the fee should go to ethereum right?

Thanks a lot for giving Decent.Bet newly update progress. Its more valuable and lot of developing task here this blog. Very easy to install and high secure wallet here.
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I hope this wallet will be a success, not like the recent ICO launch..ETN..they promise us that the blockchain will be live on 1st of NOV this year. Still they are working with hackerone to make that better and they gave a time period of 3-4 weeks to clear.. @hilarski thanks for sharing about Decent.Bet wallet

Thanks @hilarski for sharing the progress of ...

Excellent work, surprises with its novelty and is pleasant to use, the wallet is technically worked out and I have a feeling of reliability and trust in the service. Thanks for the informative video @hilarski

@hilarski - Sir it has beautiful Web Interface & I like this wallet upgrade also.... Nice article with useful video of Decent.Bet.... You always bring useful stuffs for the community Sir.... Appreciate your effort....

To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post Sir....

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Hi, I don't suppose you know how to get ETH back out of the Dbet wallet? cheers

wow,its really good to see.thank you for share.

I really hope this works out. I would love to be able to place fun bets on sporting events again! Also, the idea of getting a share of the house profits really appeals to me.

Thanks for introducing this wallet, i m unaware about that.

Amazing post really nice & mind touch blog😁..I like this👌.Re-steem😍😍

Thanks for informations! Download

This is a great news and it seems like Decent.Bet development team is doing great! Personally I like the UI of it and the roadmap! Yesterday I thought to join a betting platform to try my luck! I think this is the best place for that! Thank you very much for sharing such great update with us!


Hello @hilarski,

Powerful roadmap, Skillful development team & a brilliant concept of the Coin seems to be have a wonderful future. Extraordinary good article you shared.


This project is amazing!


Congratulations post you deserve our appreciation.

we will wait for a good post from you


Best wishes for you

'The Decent.Bet Team is on Target with Their Roadmap.'
Exactly they are on target. Now they are on Q4 2017 & seems they accomplished their targets well. Excellent update about this nice ICO. Shame I didn't aware about the ICO well~

excellent article with useful update of they got a nice ui too. @hilarski


The Development team continues to amaze! is pleased to announce the token version upgrade from version 1 to version 2.
A good dev team can make it possible. So here we can feel it. They got a nice better UI now. Valuable update you shared here.

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Congratulations @hilarski
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Exceptional article about Decent.Bet recent update. They got incredible UI experience and new version of wallet as well. You made a good article about those recent upgrades...!!!

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Good information and great video
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Excellent post and creative new wallet.
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Good information nice post

Great , best of luck decent.bit team

Thanks for sharing this info. Sounds good.

You never stop finding the best ICOs, congrats! Also, Decent sounds at least decent to me :)

Good to see the project is still improving! I was wondering when they will enter the exchanges?

cool thanks for the updates :)

It's cool decent.
Craleative new wallet...
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