Cryptocoinopoly - Monopoly for CryptoCurrency Lovers.

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I Almost Fell Out of My Chair!

My friends at Crypto Hub shared another great Meme!


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Not just a meme, you can download your copy today!

Awesome. I was playing around trying to make one of these. Still got some good ideas.

I love that my kids will grow up to read the 'Monopoly' rules from GitHub.

Yap, keep them away from this.

this is awesome.

That's awesome.

Very cool!

Yeah I seen a post about it and thought it was a cool project and then by fate seen your post. I can't wait to print one out to play with at home.

Thank You @patrickulrich. You rocked man!

Thank you but I didn't have anything to do with creating this. I had fortunately seen someone else post about it earlier and saved the link. I'm definitely going to print one out myself.

Still the link that took me to the destination page was shared by you. So, I insist that you accept my compliment. :)

If you insist :)


Awesome, huh?!? It even gives you the board to print off and if need be links to print money.

I saw that :-)

I love this, was just thinking a game should be made based on crypto. Need to include SuperiorCoin in it. :-)

I am still trying to read all :O That's funny dude :D


Only if they had the real board game that you could buy, I’d play with my brown parents to teach them :P

Wow so funny .thanks for sharing

For your post propagation.

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Wow nice post
Thanks @hilarski

Have a nice day

The cards are funny as well :-)

More in my blog post:

Hi @penguinpablo, I know you've created some other very useful tools for Steemians. Do you have any link with this tool?

Lol love it just needs steem added and would be complete!

Playing this would be real fun.... Hilarious!

Go to "HODL" lol.. I am in for that for a long time you know .. hehe..

That's awesome, I just hope I never live in a world were doge is $60 while bitcoin is $400

excellent meme, got a creative idea to bring crypto to monopoly. impressive post @hilarski

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waaao great @hilarski, creative thinking, about " Cryptocoinopoly " realy it is Monopoly for CryptoCurrency Lovers.


I can't stop my laugh. This meme is so creative and full of laugh. I must appreciate @patrickulrich for sharing the link. And also thanks to my favorite writer @hilarski for giving us apportunity to laugh throgh his blog post. Keep it up and stay blessed.

Resteemed thank you @hilarski

So playing this game you'll also have 30 different currencies to use?

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It is funny dude :)

Wonderful post. its funny meme
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Excellent meme.thanks for sharing @hilarski


Cryptocoinopoly looks like a fun game to play! Did you play this game?

The "new game"...:)

Heh, "I thought of that first!!" Someone used my profile to make a MEME!!
Intellectual property rights would be nice but an upvote and visit to my blog will be acceptable.

Thank you for calling me a genius but please put credit where it is due.

@hilarski - Same here Sir...
I Almost Fell Out of My Chair!
This is good, nice sharing Sir...


Wow" so funny my dear sir @hilarski & thanx you so much for sharing with us . have a nice day.

I love this :)

Hehehe wow Really so funny my dear @hilarski & thanx you so much for sharing .

:) thanks verry nice post

Do you know what my favorite thing in the world is?
Cryptocoinopoly !!! Loooll :) :)

CryptoCurrency Lovers is wonderful post.
100% like and resteem

Can we play this game for free online ?

Its a excellent post sharing @hilarski
Intro of crypto coin to steemian. Thanks all of you. Keep sharing nice blog


Very good sir .your are knowledge is very good .thanks sir.
I love cryptocurency .

No mention of doge. I am dissapoint

hahah it is cool :D

Ha ha nice funny meme.


Chance card: "Go directly to McAfee dump".

CryptoCoinPoly a nice concept. Excellent~

Damn how to play this one lol :) Hang on, I also falling lol :)

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this meme is fun to read :)

thanks for discuss about crypto of bitcoin...but this post little bit funny..carry on my friend..

nice post @hilarski like my post pliszzzz

Rules: However in Cryptocoinopoly rent is now a network fee and "JAIL" is now "HODL".

HAHAHA. This is really cool.

And this one is well deserved and...makes sense:

I'm going to share this post. @hilarski, you made my day.

Very good meme! :)

Hahahaa.. though i would have placed ethereum in place of parklane (currently occupied by bitcoin cash)..
Mayfair defo goes to bitcoin..

And lmao old kent is dogecoin 😂😂


Thank you very well👌

Cool :D

thank you for sharing

This is awesome, but I hate the game monopoly.

The rules of monopoly are the rules of the banks.
No, really, read them.

Taxation is theft! Even in a game.

haha, thank you, you made me laugh, you need to make such a minute of humor, that would be distracted from everything :)

we just play it at home with others in leisure, and name of game is how to rich in monopoly, now in cryptopoly, fantastic invention!

Intersting picture but so funny sir,,,,@resteem

hee funny man..

It sucks because Steem is not on it.

You won second prize in a beauty contest. Collect 10 Steem :-D

hehe thats creative posting... 👌👌👌

Its happy amazing looking nice .


Ha ha ha so funny boss!!!


Cool. I’ve been thinking about a crypto board game for a while now, but Monopoly never crossed my mind. 🤣

I waste more than 80 hour in this game I LOVE IT AND I STIL !!!
Thanks for your post @hilarski

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I appreciate the artistic creativity which is crucial to any Meme!
Unleashing its full potential.
And now we all can look at a meme masterpiece!

Opps I don't get it. however i understood the second one..heheheh.

Congratulations @hilarski
Now you are in the MinnowsPower Loyalty Member List...!!!

Exceptional example to prove crypto is getting famous in every where. Nice article...!!!

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Great meme! Thanks for sharing.

Hey Now! EOS Should be on the right side of the board! Also, where the hell is STEEM at? HAHA

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Very cool and so funny too. Regards

Good and interesting one

You know you've hit the main stream when they make something into a monopoly game.

I think I just landed on the "Go To HODL" square. ;)

Great, but where's Steem and Steem Dollars on there?

I think we see a version of this in the next years on the shelves. 👍

Someone please insert Shut up and take my money meme, I have a pretty cheap phone and I don't think that I can upload pictures in comments :))

That is really good! I call the car. Ready to play.
I assume this game does not come with any printed money...

What? Where's EOS? They messed up there!

We thought it was such a good idea that we've forked the project! Unfortunately Steem wasn't included in the original so we've forked to update the board to include Steem as a place to land. We also want to expand on the idea by improving the GitHub experience and even having a section where you can download 3D models to print game pieces.

I love this!

Whosoever did this is a genius:

It's pleasing to know that crypto currency is DOMINATING all facets of our lives. Thumbs up. Shared.

Steem On!

but the question is ? tax ?? ahan ??

Hello @hilarski,

Extraordinary good idea & very interesting play it. Will keep a hard copy & try it :) Nice one.


giphy (3).gif

So guys who's up for a round. I'm always a winner when it comes to monopoly 😎😄😂

Hahaaaa this thing is really cool! Good creative minds working there!

wow thats so good ....hoping to play

Hilarious and very well done. I love how landing on "Income Tax" and "Capital Gains" tax are two different dollar amounts (capital being lower).

Really amazing post about Cryptocurrency. So funny. Following you and upvoted.

Hi @hilarski !

Just Wow! it is something out of the box, Cryptocoinopoly is making the mass to fell down from their chairs :D

This is something new for me.

Again i must say you are larger than life and your innovation is the best in this particular field.

Amazing stuff and surpassing each & everything.

Keep Rocking and Stay Blessed :)

I just need lots of Bitcoins Only and nothing else as per above monoply, he he he :)

I was looking for a online Monopoly version where one could use actual crypto currency to play with.

I've been thinking about a online Monopoly where you can either play with crypto you mine, or play with crypto you purchase from the vendor.

Much like the 3D version of the PC game Monopoly. The board version would work too I guess, but it would be awesome to have the ability to play monopoly and maybe earn real crypto.

This concept could easily be transferred into other games too, but Monopoly is just too much fun! :)

awesome image but source link broke...