Brickcoin A Cryptocurrency Backed By Real Estate Investment Trusts REITs

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Lucas Cervigni Founder of Brickcoin is On a Mission.

We met Lucas last year in Argentina at LaBitConf. He has a passion to use Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies to change the world for the better. If you have not read his book, "Blockchain in Practice: A Simple Introduction for Professional People." it is available in English and Spanish.

BrickCoin is the product of over a years work to provide access to an asset that can help the unbanked protect their buying power. We all know inflation is eating up savings around the world and in many countries inflation is out of control like we see in Venezuela and recently Argentina.

“By comparison, debt-free real estate has and always will have intrinsic value, much as the old gold standards did. We plan to use this to create a new inflation-proof, secure but flexible mechanism for ordinary savers to protect their wealth,” - Lucas Cervigni

Lucas is creating a vehicle that will protect your buying power through the use of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) yet has the liquidity of a CryptoCurrency. The idea that a CryptoCurrency could be backed by a regulated industry like real estate will give owners of BrickCoin piece of mind. Never before have the unbanked had the opportunity to invest in mortgage free real estate. Now they can no matter how small the investment.

“We want individuals to exchange part of their FIAT money into BrickCoins so that, when they choose to convert them back into FIAT money, they will regain the original value saved in full, plus any growth. We want to help them to fight the inevitable devaluation of FIAT currencies and store their wealth safely for the future,” - Lucas Cervigni


Key Aspects of BrickCoin:

  • A brickcoin is a savings token bought with traditional currency or digital currency.
  • It represents an investment in a piece of commercial debt-free real estate and for many, their only opportunity to play a role in this market.
  • The real estate is held as part of a very secure, high-value, debt-free REIT.
  • Brickcoins are kept in a mobile digital wallet. All transactions are fully-managed, validated and trackable by blockchain technology.
  • Brickcoins can be converted into FIAT currency instantaneously.

Download the Brickcoin WhitePaper Here.

Lucas Cervigni and BrickCoin are clients. Please learn more about this project. @AnaHilarski and I will be bringing you regular updates.

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Thank you @hilarski! :)

That's great post. loved your visionary. Yes, crypto is coming big that you cannot imagine. Be ready.

A very interesting idea. I am also a real estate investor; this is merging two of my favorite investments and you mentioned a third favorite of mine as well.


What is the third one @Dantethegreat?


You mentioned precious metals in your article. You and I seem to think very much alike from what I gather from your article. I have often considered relocating to an area like Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, or New Zealand as well. Following you now.


Awesome, I cut my teeth in Precious Metals and moved to Crypto in 2014. Latin America is amazing.

Well, given we all know I'm a real estate investor I can certainly get on board with this! Thanks for sharing it out.

Hell ya Hilarski! Thanks for sharing this! I just downloaded the white paper now!

Very good post!!!

@hilarski never fail. Love reading your posts. Thanks for this checking it out.

"Son, stocks may rise and fall, utilities and transportation systems may collapse. People are no damn good, but they will always need land and they will pay through the nose to get it." - Lex Luthor's father

Another great idea for blockchain. I look forward to the next update. thanks,


Me too and I am thrilled it will be focused on the unbanked.

interesting way to invest in the market!

Real-estate backed cryptos? I've heard of goldsilver backed cryptos but this is new to me. Amazing idea! Thank you!

Great article thanks for information, although I like the brickcoin idea, (sounds positive and promising.) Real estate is not a guaranteed investment. Historically it has been a good even a great investment, but not guaranteed.


You could be right @Nickygee but I am sure it is better than inflating currencies and a REIT will spread out the risk to many different jurisdictions.

WOW, this looks interesting... I will do more research on Brickcoin!


Also, when are we going to get a "product" we can look at?


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Brickcoin A #Cryptocurrency Backed By #RealEstate Investment Trusts #REIT… /

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Thanks for the great idea, maybe I shall put something into my agenda cuz of you!

Again a super great post from you @hilarski

Im really loving you and your every post


I appreciate it @SteemNews24 we are part of something huge that can change the world. I am happy to bring the news to the world.


yap got it. @hilarski

I want to help this child. please check this post, and if possible resteem it.

Good idea but some problems will come up in regulatory compliances. I looked into this model before


They have been working on it for over a year. We will see but I have confidence in Lucas.


I wish them all the best then

Interesting, but I'm not sure I understand the advantage of combining a crypto with REITS? Are the dividend payments elusively made in crypto then?

Interesting concept but I'll stay away. I don't think real estate will be a good investment, thus using real estate to back something is not for me.

Great. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted.
Do visit mine post as well.

Good post. Thanks for keeping us updated!

Does brickcoin have a website? @hilarski

edit:ouh its on the whitepaper link you gave. Nice!

You rock..following

Loved this @hilarski ! Real estate and cryptocurrency sounds like the perfect match for investments.

So no speculating in BrickCoin for it's own benefit then, because it will only rise in value as the real estate it's tied to rises in value?

I try to check it out