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in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago


The Latest Meme in Our Crypto Coin Trader Group on FB is, "Bittrex and Shill".

This meme had me rolling. If you are not part of this group roll on over to Fascistbook and join us. The group is great for Crypto Currency education and many LOL's. If you do not get the joke of the meme, I am sorry. Crypto folks will get it.

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i must join!

LOL, I thought the name was referring to some kind of P&D group or something.

yes crypto money must be a lot ... that's it I have your money too much 😁

I don't get the joke, but I don't mind. I don't get many jokes in general so it's a thing I got used to when it comes to jokes and if somebody would be kind enough to explain it to me, I will be very glad :)

I think I need to join that group :D Coz I didn't get this meme :D


"Bittrex and Shill" okay I'll be in. Nice meme~

Also sir, I bet that you are very happy that ripple is going down these days, but what do you think, STEEM will recover fast?

I have traded NETFLIX for crypto trading late in the evening, the warm screenglow is so romantic and enticing! Sometimes in the morning it help with the 'Morning Routine' by aiding the push.

Ha hahaha... still laughing while typing this comment.

They will try to turn a profit from anything. Good on them for giving the little guys in crypto a decent headstart by featuring their assets.
Great trading platform, fair and honest.@bittrex


Thank you for making my day brighter. Really though this post has me in a better humor on a bad day.


Wonderful, even though I stopped trading on Bittrex I find the meme hysterical and relevant.

@hilarski, thnks for updating and cheers that we are the part of cryptocurrency. sooon i join that group "Bittrex and Shell"
Steem On.!
have a slight look on my resent post for feedback. thanks

Good job.resteem your post with upvote

excellent meme & nice you shared this info @hilarski


Hello @hilarski,

Didn't get what you said, but now checking about this group. Valuable crypto news are always welcome :)


Bittreckts has teh highest withdrawl fees around but bittrexkt does have a high volume steem exchange so I shill

@hilarski - Sir I want to join that group.... Hope it has lots of fun.... Nice info Sir....
To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Cryptocurrencies are the future and thank goodness that we are part of it..good post.

ha ha.. Hilarious meme.


That was way more funny.

Congratulations @hilarski
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Exceptional meme and useful information for crypto traders...!!!

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Bitcoin...price is rising as like as jet aeroplane.
Outstanding perfomance for bitcoin...
Thank's for sharing...

Bittrex yes, but never heard Shill. So, let's try FB Group.

~Followed & Upvoted

Thanks for the info @hilarski Resteemed and Share on Steemit Viral Facebook Page by @irfansardar Good Luck!

I tried to cashout from Steemit for the first time and just saw Bittrex deleted my account. Saw similar stories many times. Is that site scam or what?

Thanks for Share this ....

nice post

How can I join fascist book?

Cryptocurrency market place most of the bitcoin........////////

Nice Meme. I use Bittrex. It is the best.

LOL! Ever since Bittrex delisted BTS (with no reason whatsoever) I took all my BTC out... I'm still on Polo but will be diversifying into a decentralized exchange soon!

I don't get the meme xD

Haha. I am going to say this from now on whenever I hear the old "Netflix and Chill" I wonder how many people will understand. My guess would be very very very few!

We must pass, Thank you for the information.

i will join that group Bittrex and Shell very soon. Its powerful meme.
Thank for sharing @hilarski.

Valuable crypto news update you sharing @hilarski. "Bitterx and Shill" has best cryptocurrency market place.

informative post about bitterx and shill. Bitterx has best trade market in cryptocurrency. But i have no idea for shill.

Coin trade

Wait, are we talking about sex? J/k :-D

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Great bro,,,,,, Cryptocurrency market place bittrex is the best............///////////

Thank u for posting this meme,

Good job my friend.
I am proud to see your work.
I am sure, someday you will find the bright titit, and according to your expectations.

1st one is the best one!!
its too good!!

i was thinking to get a laugh but didn't lol ;)

Beautiful Post well done


Relevance- This comment isn't even close to a rational insight to this post.