I mentioned yesterday... $LTC Litecoin will lead!

in cryptocurrency •  15 days ago

Litecoin is rocketing higher after holding above the 200 day MA here this morning. I mentioned yesterday that LTC may be A LEADER. Not THE LEADER, but A LEADER.

This morning it is CLEARLY the leader across the crypto board regarding % increase in the rankings. The chart looked the best as LTC was holding much higher gains compared to the others and it is showing this relative strength right now.

Don't sit around and wait...the train is leaving the station baby!

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all aboard the choo choo train....... The LTC choo choo train lol

Yeeeeee doggie. I added a little bit when it was trying to confirm the break of the 200 day, looking good at the moment.


Was the first one breaking above the 200 day I believe a bit ago

Now the question is for how long.

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A while. Accumulate.


That is the proverbial million dollar question.

Litecoin will be one of the coins that live while beyond this Bear Market.

This is one of those days when I regret selling all my LTC! It is on my shopping list, but I'll have to wait for another dip.

Well with my 3.75 Litecoins I feel richer already. I was hoping the effect would carry over on with it's forked offspring Litecoin Cash LCC.

Great price action for sure! Even volumes have been interesting as it had previously lost favor from the community. It shows how quickly sentiment can change in these markets!

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