Who the heck programmed the HITBTC.com frontend and other funny issues

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Enough is enough.

First i liked hitbtc.com it had much different coins and it was really fast integrating new coins. But today i raged for so many bad programmed functions. They are way more than little issues.

Lets start with some points:

  • Trading decimals

    The trading decimals are limited

    • Example:
      For the currency BTC to USDT you are able to trade only with 2 decimals. This means your minimum buy or sell needs to be 0.01 BTC meaning if you have something lower than this value you are not able to sell or buy it. The only workaround is to trade 1 other currency in order to give you the right amount of BTC. This happened to almost all pairs. Did not check them all.

    • Solution: Introduce more digits.

  • Step by step fill orders
    It is not possible that your order will be bought at once.

    • Example:
      You have 1000 USDT and want to buy bitcoin. Then the system doesn't look automatically how this 1000 dollar could fit in existing orders and tries to split them into the half. So you will buy e.g. for 800$ then for 117$ and then you are stuck because of the funny mentioned above because the decimals don't fit anymore.
  • Solution: An engine is needed to split the orders before a payment is done in order to buy with the full amount. And yes other exchanges can do this. Bitfinex for example.

After the 2 bugs mentioned your wallet will look like this:

Is this for the birds? Or will they collect it after my account deletion?

  • Non working third-party coin wallets.

    NEO withdraw doesn't work.
    USDT Tether withdraw doesn't work.
    SBD and STEEM withdraw don't work.

    So you can see their offline wallets under the system health info.
    51 from 252 coins are not able to be withdrawn.
    This is 20%. And I dug in forums and its not just a daily issue.
    For deposit it looks even worse there are 104 coins which cannot be deposited. So I wonder how can an exchange offer coins when you cannot deposit or withdraw them? Seems strange to me. And the fact that you cannot withdraw USDT speaks for itself.

  • Timeouts 504 and Cloudflare.

It seems that they are regularly under attack. Not their fault but annoying.

  • Withdrawal requests are lucky shots

Sometimes they work sometimes not its round robin. Sometimes the withdrawing link doesn't work at all.

So basically I wanted to like that exchange. But you cannot trade in it in a professional manner.
If they fix that issues the would be a great exchange with many different coins.


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