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Hello steemians.

So if you visit you will see a friendly string which looks like this.

If you follow this page:

You see that they have some "little" problems to get their server back and running. They claim that they have more issues to do the updates. Me as a softwaredeveloper by myself ask: Dont they even test their systems in a development environment ?

I will paste all their text here just to keep the info:

Update - We are still working to resolve the issues that we have identified and our team is working around the clock to >ensure a smooth upgrade.

This means it may still take several hours before we can relaunch the site.
Jan 12, 12:05 UTC
Update - We are still working on the upgrade and may be offline for several more hours. Will provide another update >when we get closer to coming back online.

This means the Site will not be up after 9:00AM UTC (1:00AM PT).
Jan 12, 08:00 UTC
Update - We are close but rather than launch immediately ahead of the team passing out, we will push off a bit to get >some rest and be able to better monitor systems and react to problems following launch. Unfortunately, this means >several more hours of delay. We do not have a definite time but it will not be before 9:00AM UTC (1:00AM PT).
Jan 12, 03:46 UTC
Update - Thank you for your continued patience while we work through these unexpected and delicate issues. We are >continuing to make progress but don't have a specific timeline for relaunch at the moment.
Jan 12, 03:11 UTC
Update - Inching our way to the finish line over here, devs mainlining coffee. Funds are all secure and protracted >downtime has nothing to do with funding/reserves. Yes, this is our new record for downtime since we launched in >2013. No, we're not proud of it. Working hard to ensure that when we come back online things are running as smoothly >and safely as possible. We'll give you another update in a few hours or as soon as we have something new to report.
Jan 12, 00:43 UTC
Update - We are making progress on the few remaining issues but don't have a definite launch time yet. We intend to >cancel stale (and possibly all) orders and pause liquidations upon resuming service. More details to follow soon. Thank >you for your patience.
Jan 11, 21:41 UTC
Update - We are currently working to resolve a number of issues that came up during final testing. At this stage it is >uncertain when exactly these issues can be fixed, but we will update again when a more definite ETA can be given.
Jan 11, 19:07 UTC
Update - In the final stage of installing the upgrade now. We are getting close but hard to give an exact ETA since it >depends on how the final testing goes.
Jan 11, 15:27 UTC
Update - The upgrade is going much more slowly than anticipated. It will probably be two hours or more until systems >are back online.
Jan 11, 12:14 UTC
Update - We are still working on the upgrade and may be offline for another hour or more. Will provide another update >when we get closer to coming back online.
Jan 11, 10:01 UTC
Update - We got a late start and the upgrade is moving slower than anticipated. We now expect to be able to bring >services back online by Thursday, 10:00am UTC (2:00am PT) but will keep you updated as we get further in to the >process.
Jan 11, 07:34 UTC
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Jan 11, 05:00 UTC
Scheduled - We are performing a system upgrade on Thursday, January 11 at approximately 5:00 UTC (Wednesday >January 10 at 9 pm PT). Kraken services will be offline for about 2 hours during the upgrade, possibly longer. >Withdrawals in all currencies will be offline for an additional 2-3 hours after other systems come online. If you submit a >withdrawal request while withdrawals are offline, the withdrawal will be sent after withdrawals come online again.

I hope for all people who still have some money /currencies on that exchange that they will be back soon.

I let it up to you if you get worried or not...


If you look to their Eth adress there was a transaction of 180 Eth but seems just internaly. But no Eth was send out.

Please follow the link to check their Eth address for yourself.

Edit 2: They are back online.


Thanks for the heads-up. Kraken's been a bit shaky for some time. To be honest, they prolly had no idea that there's be such a huge flood of activity.

I dont know whats going on with them. I cannot imagine that they are not able to scale their servers up. If they do the upgrade now and everything runs smoothly then its fine. But more then 24h downtime will be in every case very expensive. I hope they will be back. If not hm then it will be more bad news in ccs world. Anyway thanks for your upvote. I will edit the post if i find new intel.

The update, if it's an update, comes to a good time as Lightning Network is about to start...
I don't think they'd runned away with our coins, but an update for nearly 2 days sounds a little bit weird

Yeah but they could be a little bit more transparent and say hey guys we struggle with the l-network. And i cannot even believe that this is just not another module which can be patched into the platform without downtime...:D

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