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James Richard is a business consultant with special interest in blockchain products. His interest in blockchain made him recommend cryptocurrency and blockchain products to many of his clients on different occasion and ultimately made him lose his license as a consultant. Clients he evangelized cryptocurrency to have often labeled him a scammer because they feel the acceptance of cryptocurrency as a means of payment and its real-life use case is too minimal to be considered a viable investment and can only be recommended by someone with ulterior motives. He also had cases in which the clients lose their investments due to hacks and exit scams. Businesses which he had proposed blockchain and cryptocurrency to as a means of payment and record keeping have often questioned the security threat as well as the risk of centralization. Emerging technology has also raised more alarm, most notably Quantum computers which are still in development have been a source of concern to the Crypto-community due to the threat it poses to the blockchain. A lot of " James Richard" out there have been ridiculed, considered malicious, lost friends and relationship while evangelizing cryptocurrency due to the nature of the crypto-ecosphere most especially with the growing rate of premined coins/Initial coin offering scam. improvement in security, elimination of futuristic threats and an environment that support the development of projects with real-life use case will be immense in the pursuit for mass adoption of blockchain products globally.

SUQA is one of a kind blockchain startup designed with the highest level of blockchain security and with an amazing ecosystem that will help enlarge the crypto community. Asides from the high performance of the SUQA blockchain, the SUQA community is driven by a sharing concept which creates an avenue for cryptolancers, blockchain startups, and charitable works. The SUQA platform has devised numerous reward system within the ecosystem for individuals that utilize the SUQA coin as a means of getting the service of crypto enthusiast on jobs and bounties, investing in upcoming blockchain startups and charitable giving all within a highly secured, transparent and cost-effective environment. With SUQA crypto evangelist don't need to worry about security issues and futuristic threats when propagating the Gospel of blockchain and with an annual percentage rate(APR) of 5% which implies just holding the coins attracts profit, absence of premined coins, no Initial coin offering and no masternode or presale coins, the SUQA platform will definitely be attractive to both renowned crypto enthusiast and newbies.
Key Features of SUQA

  1. Fast and Secured Transaction: SUQA coin boast of a scalability 75times greater than bitcoin, and is protected with Full replay protection, a unique wallet address system, and ASIC,FPGA and Quantum attack protection. With this measure in place, the SUQA platform can guarantee both high performances in transaction and safety from present and futuristic threat to blockchain technology.
  2. The SUQA ecosystem is rewarding: The SUQA platform which has a primary object of ensuring the growth of the crypto community proposes a time lock interest which allows users on the platform earn up to 5% APR when the SUQA coin is locked for 4 weeks so investors can earn on the platform by just holding. A reward pool is also available for people seeking the service of cryptolancer on the SUKA platform. Investors who donate to blockchain startups via the SUQA platform also get added to a blockchain donation rewards pool and stand the chance to be amongst the top 5 donators on the platform who will get 100k SUQA reward. SUQA also have a social hub for charities and users of the platform that donate to charity also have their own pool which makes them liable to a reward. The SUQA platform, unlike other platforms, doesn't charge the cryptolancer, blockchain startups, and the charities on the platform for utilizing these services. All these were put in place to ensure the growth of the SUQA ecosystem.
    3.Sublime technical Architecture and protection: SUQA platform introduces a much more improved Proof of Work (POW) algorithm called X22i algorithm and its notable for its support for CPU and GPU miners,ASIC and FPGA resistance, cost-effective nature,and future hard forks that will involve increase in chain size.X22i also has a quantum resistant aspect known as SWIFFTX and these guarantees safety from the Future threat of Quantum computers.With this Features in place, SUQA can boldly boast of being one of the safest and risk-free platform in terms of hacks and centralization attempts by Malign individuals in the crypto community.
  3. Mining and SUQA coin: SUQA coin is the fuel of the SUQA community and is the currency for all form of payments and incentive on the platform. SUQA coin has a maximum total supply of 1,186,614,344 coins and is a lot easier to mine than most coins in the crypto eco-sphere. It also mining operation is efficient with a low heat profile which will be greatly appreciated by most miners.

    SUQA is undeniably the most technically secured blockchain project that is built to be community oriented. With projects like SUQA and its lucrative use case mass adoption of cryptocurrency is definitely not far fetched and crypto evangelist can be rest assured their disciples and converts are protected, well equipped and rewarded in the ever-growing crypto-community.
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