Would This CEO Really Fake His Death?

Before I address the rumors about the CEO of the QuadrigaCX exchange, I want to say that throwing around allegations of things like fake deaths is something that should not be done lightly.

However the facts that are now coming to light about this whole debacle I believe are worthy of being questioned and considered.


Here are a few that I’ve come across:

  • He travels to India to help with an orphanage while his exchange is hit with rough times financially. Not exactly the time to step away from the office and travel half way around the globe to a place that doesn’t facilitate easy communications to deal with the problems said business.
  • He died in an area known for issuing fake death certificates.
  • He got married and established a will less than a month before his death.
  • He allocated $100k to his dogs for their well being in the case of his death.
  • He failed to take necessary precautions for securing the wallets of the users of his exchange. This in itself is an astounding thing to overlook, but combined with the efforts he took to take care of his dogs (nothing against dogs, I love those little guys.) it’s a bit unbelievable that he would innocently forget to do this.
  • His business partner is now known to be using a fake name and has a past that includes credit card fraud and identity fraud.

In addition to all of this, many are speculating that the Quadriga exchange wasn’t actually holding the cryptocurrencies they were claiming to have.

Instead it is thought that many users who experienced delays in their withdrawals were really waiting for other users to make deposits, which the exchange turned around and used to pay out those wanting to take out funds.
Some believe this was one elaborate, yet poorly planned exit scam.
What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below.

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This is an incredibly bizarre story. I reached out to Aaron Matthews (named in Jennifer Robertson's affidavit) with an interview request. He told a Twitter user (via Messenger) he was at the funeral, and it was closed casket.

Wow, that just adds to the story doesn't it? I hope you get the interview, I get the feeling this is one of those events that people talk about for years to come.

See should set a steem bounty on his picture and whereabouts...

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Good info. I see a scamer. Dead or alive he screwed society. In both cases unforgivable.
I used that exchange before. Never left anything on it for more than a few minutes. Thigs started getting dodgy and I stopped around 8 months ago. Ferling sorry for the people who lost koney. Sadly the media focuses on the scam and their conclusion is inevitable btc and crypto is dangerous. Their conclusion should be hold your keys and let's discuss what went wrong.

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lots of funny things going on.

This news has created buzz across the whole world. Will this be a biggest heist or scam, we will get to know soon. Sorry about the people who lost their money.

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If I were one of the affected customers I'll pay for a private investigation to go to India and find more about this case...Or maybe kidnap one of the dogs and ask for a ranson...just kidding.

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