What Does the Future Hold for ZEN?

in cryptocurrency •  5 months ago

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Zen Cash is going to rebrand in less than two weeks. I sit down with Rob Viglione and discuss what he sees as the future of ZEN and how they will accomplish it.


00:00- 01:51 Introduction to ZEN

01:51-02:45 Why the Rebrand

02:45- 07:30 The big idea for ZEN (widespread privacy, ownership and monetization of your data)

07:30- 11:35 What sets Zen apart from other privacy coins? (Privacy features, voting mechanism, sidechains, DAG hybrid)

11:35- 17:20 Recent successful Hardfork- Changes implemented (payouts, Supernodes, balanced stake holder system)

17:20- 21:45 Marketing in Asia/ opinions on rebranding process

21:45- 23:50 Trends in crypto looking forward

23:50- 25:49 Where to find announcements for ZEN

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I have bad news for him. Something bigger is coming, it starts with a Z and it's not them.


What is it? I never understood what Zen is about... seems like a copy of a copy.. nothing new... EOS is the best blockchain, 95% of others are just speculation/scam/trying to make a quick buck.. just my opinion.. no offense..


Great interview! I have had some zencash for a bit from mining a few months ago, and was wondering about the project lately, this was good news!

all change will be for your success!

hey @heiditravels that's a great news, i'm holding some zencash hope will get better value in near feature!

i love the fact that you interviewed rob viglione. i believe that zencash is the most underrated crypto platform in the space. people that are smart will understand that zen will be here to stay for a while

interesting interview, congrats, yet I had some problems understanding what he was saying for the combination of the low quality connection and English not being my mother's language. Usually your videos are a bit shorter, which I like better as in-between-work-information ;) 👍
I love the timetable who made for the interview: very good. 👍