Juan Benet & IPFS: The Man with the Plan for a New Internet

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We are experiencing an internet that is in need of an upgrade.

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The internet is an amazing and very important development that levels the field for information availability. Suddenly you can learn about anything you want with the click of a button.

Over the years the amount of people who use the internet, the way that we access the internet and the things we demand from the internet has changed.

The rate of users is multiplying due to smart phones becoming more affordable, especially for those in developing countries, and the amount of data being demanded by the users in developed countries is skyrocketing.
We are demanding more and more expensive bandwidth, think Youtube, Netflix, Hulu and all of the video streaming we now expect to have at our fingertips.
Providing this bandwidth is nearing the point of no longer being profitable.

The problem with the centralized internet that we have now, is that there is a single point of power, and a single point of failure.

Our information highway is not resistant to crashes or censorship.

The way that our computers retrieve information now (HTTP) is reliant on the server that is maintaining the information you want. Your computer or smart phone has to interact with that particular server, even if it’s location is very far from you. This can and does result in slow downloading times or a failure to download altogether, and also is costly when considering bandwidth for heavy traffic sites. Not to mention the fact that if a server is removed or under maintenance the information that you want or need will not be available to you.

There’s a man named Juan Benet who has developed a new way for the internet to work. It’s decentralized, efficient and trustless.

Keep your eyes and ears open for a thing called Interplanetary File System, or IPFS.

It’s a new way to store information and a new way for you to access that information.
An easy way to begin to understand the basics of IPFS is by looking at how Bittorrent works.
Each user that downloads a file helps perpetuate that file to other users looking to download it.

IPFS allows users who run a node to work together to send and receive information with each other.
Instead of having to go through a far away, central server, you can get a file quickly, nearly instantly from the closest node that has what you need.

Imagine downloading a file onto your computer and then being able to send it instantly to your phone.

This is an example of what IPFS can do for you.

In addition to improving how files are shared through decentralization, IPFS will also bring permanence to the internet by ensuring that the files you want won’t be removed if a central server goes down.
In order to incentivize data storage on the IPFS network, they will add a blockchain-based currency layer called Filecoin.

The implementation of Filecoin will incentivize nodes to use the IPFS network. This is done through Filecoin’s “Proof-of-retrievability” which requires nodes to prove they store a particular file, this incentivizes the nodes to store as much of the network’s data as they can in return for a payment of filecoin.

Looking forward, video streaming centered companies, Netflix in particular, is searching for a better way to provide their customers with what they want but without the rising cost of the bandwidth needed thanks to today’s internet protocols.

IPFS can provide just that.

Additional Reading/Sources:

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Thanks Heidi! Protocol Labs have a lot of great projects! IPFS, Filecoin, IPLD. Backed by Stanford University and a lot of investors:)


thanks heidi. this article is so helpful.

UR a smart cookie!


yes ma'am! todays my official 1st day lol let the fun begin!!!

Trust me , half of the things explained here went over my head. This is too complicated for people like me. When i see so many upvotes , it makes me feel that i am so underducated in terms of technology.

Whatever been said here sounds impressive and promising. Looking forward to witness it happening.

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Lagak that ceweknyan. Padim kana lako ih? Awak kawen peu nikah?? Bek gadoh meu cewek beh karna dosa teuh.

Neumeukawenn beu awai nikah ilee. Mangatvleubeh sempurna, dan mewah udep dalam dunia dan akhirat.

Terima kasih beh brother

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Thanks for that great Information @heiditravels :)

Thanks for sharing 👍

great article,interesting read

Wow, progression. It's amazing how over the years Man has accomplished so much and continues to expand.

It sounds like this has a lot of potential to improve the internet.

Thanks Heidi! I really appreciate the information!

Will be great when IPFS is baked into the STEEM blockchain.


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Very informative stuff, thanks for the videos.

I hope you do a segment on storj and various storage folks like maidsafe . I detailed it in my blog but being a minnow it will not reach enough people.. i am not posting my blog link here which iam afraid will be inappropriate!!!


I've made a video that features Maidsafe and also one that talks about Golem. What's your opinion on Storj?


I think storj will take off soon.The product is live and is gaining traction.I didn't know saw maidsafe video.but it promises a lot but haven't seen an implementation and that concerns me!!!!

@heiditravels really great and informative post most enjoyable keep posting greast content and steem on

Sounds like silicon valley used this as a base for the plot of season four lol, when is file coin releasing their token?


That show actually is not a bad way to get people to understand the concept. Last I heard they'd have the ICO "Mid June", so I'm still waiting to hear an official date.


Its a great show! Really funny but pretty accurate at the same time, and its already mid June they must be late lol. I wonder if they'll do it on the ethereum network, that will actually kinda suck if they do because this is such a good idea i bet it'll get overloaded again and people will have to pay crazy minning fees.


It is a great show, can't wait for the new season. I'm not sure how it'll work with the Ethereum network since I believe Filecoin wants to implement proof-of-retrievability rather than proof-of-work, any thoughts?

It's nice to have so much information at our fingertips...
Not just on our PC's but or Smart Phones as well...
Everything can and will improve in time...

Thanks for another awesome interview and helping spread the crypto dream!


It's my pleasure :)

I'd love to see more of this actually apply to mainstream living. I was just talking at work today how one of the biggest differences between TODAY, and 30 years ago is access to the internet.

While there is so many people trying to preserve intellectual property, there are a lot of people who are either tarnishing it, or just littering cyberspace with filth.

Not only that, but how LIMITED we are by corporations, by contracts, etc. We're in an age of mass consumerism, and I only hope with decentralization, comes LESS dependence on these capitalistic monopolies.

Taken from the website:
"Instead of referring to objects (pics, articles, videos) by which server they are stored on, IPFS refers to everything by the hash on the file. The idea is that if in your browser you want to access a particular page then IPFS will ask the entire network “does anyone have this file that corresponds to this hash?” and a node on IPFS that does can return the file allowing you to access it."

I think this explains it best for noobs like myself :P
Yes, basically like a torrent network where the file your are downloading is replaced with... well, everything.
Every computer can be node on this network.
Clever system.

Nice... Thank you for sharing.

Great post! I thought this was one of your best ones yet!

Wow! This sounds amazing. Technology and minds are incredible.


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@heiditravels is this a mesh network? In some ways it sounds similar to mesh networks and I'm curious how this is similar and different.


I'm not familiar with mesh networks, I'll have to look into that. Thanks for the reference!


@heiditravels you may want to look into the Skycoin ICO which is upcoming. They are looking at tokenizing mesh networks. Another great resource would be John Mcaffee. I recall first hearing about mesh networks from him about three years ago.

Basically mesh networks would decentralize the internet access much the same way blockchains decentralize ledgers. It would radically change the internet to a degree where ISPs could cease to exist.


Seems like a mesh net on the ethereum blockchain

thanks @heiditravels
your post is quite interesting ...keep it up

Interesting... Will dig a bit further about IPFS.

Thanks for sharing! :D

Many thanks Heidi for bring this to our attention! News to me...
Love what IPFS offers and particularly like the fact that it is decentralized!

your work is very enriching

@heiditravels, an excellant post indicating which direction we are headed. From the archaic ( not yet, but soon will be) client -server mode of information transmission to decentralised node to node data transmission. This reminds me of our own crypto currencies and block chain model. Away from the sovereign Fiat currencies to a decentralised currency. This IPFS has similarity in model to our digital currency model that is sweeping across the world now.
If this is any indication, I look forward to similar decentralised node based transaction emerging in other industries too. I think we are headed in the right direction and we steemians are an early bunch to get a taste of this.

Looking good hiedi, i like the professional attitude you have assimilated into
But i miss the adventures you took us on, what happened to feeding polar bears in the arctic circle?
Anyways, good read!


Stay tuned... I'm going adventuring again in a couple weeks :)

First time Ive heard of this! Great article! Yeah man sounds like decetralized is the future forshure! All of the best!

wow , it can be helpful system
i need to read more about IPFS , tnx for sharing
if you can check my last post too , tnx

Thanks, I'll keep it in mind

I've read about IPFS previously but never saw an application on top of it. I'll do some reading looks like the project is developed further. Great article!

@heiditravels awesome info cheers

u are working very good i am biggest fan of you.
Very good information
You shoud be in cnbc.
Keep it up

Thanks for the article really interesting

I've been hearing about FileCoin from several sources - did I miss the ICO?


Last I heard they were planning on having the ICO "mid June"... Still waiting to hear an official date.


Thanks - I'll keep an eye out. :-)

I have never heard of this new way the internet could work. Sounds like a great system.
Thanks for a very informative and interesting article!

Would regular users be required to own filecoin in order to use the network? Or only if they wanted to host their own content?

It is kind of decentralized cloud storage? Reminds me of Siacoin.

Thank you for the great post @heiditravels! A good read! :)

Is Shift going to use the same IPFS as Filecoin? Check out Shift's website here. It lists the IPFS under P2P Data Storage. Thanks.

Nice informative post
This is a problem with whole world
Best tech article ever read on steemit


Wow that's quite the compliment! Thank you.

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Way to go Heidi! Keep making these great videos on Crypto! :)

i love the way you write, its like you take us there personally. Very informative!

Congratulations @heiditravels
You took 5 place in my Top 100 of posts

IPFS has the most innovation occuring in the crypto space outside of ethereum. I went to a meetup about a technical deep dive into IPFS and the auditorium as packed with developers. This is before Filecoin is even out yet. Very excited for this project!