How to Earn a Passive Income with Crypto

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Ok I’m going to get only slightly personal with this video today.

Many of you have wondered how the heck I am able to afford traveling to cool places while at the same time having the time and energy to research and produce the videos on this channel.

First of all, budgeting is very real in my life, but I was also hungry to find a way to earn an income without having to spend my time at a job that I really wasn’t too enthusiastic about.

Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of jobs that fall into this category.

When I discovered crypto in 2014 I knew it was big, but I underestimated how directly it would change my life

I learned about Bitcoin years ago during my time spent searching for ways to maintain a successful blog.
I spent a couple years dedicated to creating great content for my blog. I did copious amounts of research on how to win with the affiliate game and proper SEO technique, but that always left me feeling like nothing more than an under appreciated tool for the companies I needed if I wanted any hope of compensation for my beloved blog.

Because I was already very familiar with Bitcoin, when I came across it was like the light at the end of the tunnel for me.

It was the beginning of my journey discovering how crypto and blockchain tech could be the tool that liberates bloggers.
At that point in my life I was struggling to pay my cell phone bill and then I was paid 24 hours after my first post.
There are many factors that add up to the success that I found on Steemit, and I’m not trying to convince you that it will be your end-all, be-all solution for money woes.

Don’t get me wrong, it could be, but more importantly it’s an option that allows you to earn some crypto without having to invest your money.

Steemit is great, and what it represents is a shift in how things can work, this time, for your benefit.

Now with the prices of so many cryptocurrencies rising, that old familiar feeling of FOMO might be creeping in, so let me show you how you can earn these cryptos that are rising in value.

I’ll be covering these projects in more detail in future videos but here are some ideas to get your own creativity flowing in the meantime

  • For content creators of all types there are blogging type platforms like Steemit
  • Video and music oriented platforms like LBRY, and SingularDTV
  • There’s also Brave, which enables websites to receive funding from those who frequent their sites.

And then there are the more passive type incomes you can earn by merely holding certain cryptos in the right type of wallet.
These options include (but aren't limited to):

With the decentralized internet comes the notion of decentralized storage.
There are platforms that allow you to rent out your unused disk space for payments of their coins, you can do this with: *

Lastly there are the prized masternodes, these are often times quite expensive to get since they require you to own large amounts of the certain crypto and you will need to lock these up if you want to get paid. But I’ve found a cool site that shows you how to find affordable masternodes.

Again, I will be diving much deeper into each of these categories to give you a better idea of how these platforms work and what is needed for you to get paid.

So in the meantime feel free to look into any of these options if they appeal to you.

Additional Reading/Sources:

List of Masternodes

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Great post, I watch all you videos and read all your articles. Please keep sharing.


I am also interested in your posts just wait to see what will come from me it will surprise you


I agree this was a very good video.
If you want to get daily crypto price alerts follow me

@heiditravels hey i follow you and love your work. i notice you have a large following too. im trying to organize steemians to contact binance and get steem and the steem dollar listed. its one of the biggest exchanges in the world and would be a huge benfit to us.

could you check out my proposal? and if you like the idea possibly share it with your followers? if we can get enough people to contact them they will list it. they just recently listed bitshares which is essentially the same network as steem. so it should be easy for them.


Yes Bitshares and Steem are both built on graphene


I wish I understand... how can I be part of this and benefit just the way steem help us do ?

great blog and I'll look into those coins

We are all the same @heiditravels, trying to make the ends meet. Steemit Space.

#teammalaysia Member at Steemit.
#mentormemtee with #zublizainordin and #nkkb
@OriginalWorks #originalworks


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Put it any way you want, it's still a true statement.

Great info post Heidi.

I am not sure if you do, but I wouldn't ever call blogging on steemit a passive income.. in particular because you don't get anything after the 7 days payout. Maybe my knowledge of the network is lacking but this isn't passive at all, quite the opposite.

I recently wrote an article on Crypto Currencies as a Store Of Value.

I am curious about LBRY and SingularDTV, they look great propositions for the future, not sure what you can do on them now. Have you tried LBRY ?


To all unsure people out there: A fantastic (but overlooked) cryptocurrency earning passive income is the scarce but valuable Diamond coins. DMD is a sleeping giant. It gives 25% return year on year if you stake the coin. If you get your hands on an exquisite DMD-masternode, you get an even higher return. Check my blog for some thoughts if youre interested. Best regards and thanks for grabbing people's attention and directing it towards the passive income possibilities of different cryptocurrencies. Dr DMD


how does these work: LBRY, DTV

Great post

Thank you for sharing @heiditravels, looking forward for more of your posts.

Thank you for this post. I am interested in getting into other cryptocurrencies and have often been at a loss as to where, or how, to start.

Nothing can be more informative than this blog. upvoted and follow you my dear steemian. Happy blogging and keep sharing such information which will eventually matter the most to most of us.

Sia is dead i think

You could also refer mining. Great post again.

Wonderful article, I’ve been in the same situation about having jobs that I didn’t find too pleasant. Crypto is the future and will shape the lives of thousands through means like steemit!

Just stumbling across this post today. Thoroughly enjoy the fact that you get personal and highlight how you achieved the dream. Being a remote writer is my dream so please keep the information coming! I am following along now.

Stunning backdrop for a video, is that in Nazare?


  • B

Your video was super helpful. I can't wait to see future videos on using some of these other resources in addition to Steemit. Thanks!

steem blockchain is good, no need to do mining. steem is using dpos (delegated proof of stake) instead of pow (proof of work) that bitcoin is using. As such there is no need to do any mining, saving electricity. The elected witnesses will have their servers run in secret locations throughout the globe. Moreover steem 's transaction spees is way faster than bitcoin. I think steem will be more acceptable to daily transactions while we do not forget about bitcoin because it cannot fall at this moment of time. Reason is there are still many people who do not know of cryptocurrencies and the only thing they hear is bitcoin is a scam. The minute that they hear bitcoin falls it would not be such a good PR for the cryptocurrency world. (This is in my opinion). So it is like to exist with the first cryptocurrency. Co-living together.

Thanks so much @heiditravels ! YOU are the reason I got into crypto in the first place. I watched your videos for a while-just trying to understand it all before I took the plunge. What you do is a great service for everyone here. :-)


WOW! How cool is that?! So happy to hear that I've helped you :) Thanks so much for telling me!


@melbookermusic she's also the reason I'm here. I'm loving contributing to Steemit, although been struggling to find the time to connect with the platform lately, but I've become and avid crypto viewer and yet to participate. I really must just follow your lead and take the leap. No point in doing all my research and reading (and trying to understand) white papers if I don't back something.


That's so cool!!! Yes @heiditravels is so awesome. Many of the bloggers in the crypto world are too technical. She makes everything understandable. Good luck to you in your blogging/crypto endeavors!

You're not gonna earn any meaningfull passive income holding some altcoins unless you have $10's thousands to invest. How you CAN earn good passive income from cryptos is by MINING them, especially bitcoin. How about $1000 a month for 12 months by buying an online mining contract for $2100? Here's an article about that:

Traveling Slows Time Perception in the Brain. Experience new Things. Slow Down Time....

Go Girl!! 💕

I really enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing. This is my second day on steemit and I love it. It is so much fun and the people on here are so kind. I am following and upvoting my Friend. :)

Thanks for the information, you are so pretty and smart. Blessings!

Great info. Thank you!

Thanks for sharing your crypto life journey with us.
I am still learning about it, but also very grateful for steemit which I am really enjoying while still learning and meeting a lot of great people.

Thanks for these tips.
Will probably use singularDtv for my upcoming content.
And you're really pretty :)

Just discovered your channel, it is people like you that push Steemit forward! Super nice content, thank you! What kind of microphone are you using? You are always standing at such windy spots, I imagine you looking at the biggest windjammer the world has ever seen :D


Rode lapel mics are great ;)

Thank you.. I have only recently been into crypto , and your videos has helped me alot.. I have also subscribed your channel in youtube.

Man turn back the clock 3 years and I am on this sama path. I create sports content but your journey is an inspiration for a fellow blogger like me. Keep up the good work!

Cool! so do you use all of those methods?

Thank you for this post! I have bookmarked this and will refer back to it 😃

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Well written and concise article. Haven't checked out the video yet, but will soon! Wish you more success.

At the DecentBet Link, you have an error. ;-)


the error being that it is a Ponzi scam.

tks very much

Looking forward to the new series @heiditravels Great work you are doing for crypto.

Pretty cool, thanks :)

Thank you! Wasn't familiar with all of these. You're a pro!

Thanks for all of this information! So far, all the crypto I've gathered is thanks to Steemit. Now, I hold a wide variety, but I don't know a lot about them all yet. It's great to read articles such as this one, because you're challenging me too look deeper. I hold a couple of coins (like NEO), that I should apparently be holding in a different wallet to get the most out of them!

yeah, thanks for the orientation, i love witing and with steemit i hace the opportunity to write more and better than ever

Hi there! Good post!
I found curious that you mentioned Storj and Sia but not Maidsafe, when it's actually the same kind of concept... take a lookm at it! :)
Keep up the good work! :D

@heiditravels I will look into masternodes. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing

so cool that you posted about SMARTS. thanks.

Dont forget

Very very very valuable and insightful. Thank you so much for this 🙏🏻✨

Your awsome @heiditravels this is a great video to bring people to Steemit.. I resteemed for ya, and looking forward to the series!! :D

Great information, I am glad to have stumbled upon this post ! I came for instant knowledge, but will stay for long term learning.


Welcome! Glad to have you :)

Awesome job young lady, I agree about working what I basically like to call "footjobs", because they require one to leave they're comfortible establishment to go tp an annoying, unfulfilling piece sh-t job to barely make ends meet.


People have to love what they do, and how they spend their time, here on, these needs and wants can be met for that very purpose.

Alright, keep up the excellent work.

You've been so helpful to so many of us and continue to be. I totally think it's awesome that you have the ability to travel. You've been wise and proactive and deserve to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Enjoy every moment @heiditravels :)


Your words here make me smile big time! :D thank you @denisechips. It's very rewarding for me to help others in this way while at the same time continually educating myself. Totally a win win win situation happening right now and I'm enjoying every minute of it! Thanks again, gratitude is now overflowing :)

Amazing information in this post. Great job! I've checked out about 5 of the sites and 3 of them are looking like something I can become a part of. I'm also trying to make some passive income online from crypto and would love to make enough to not have to work my day jobs. This is very inspiring. Congrats on your accomplishment and I wish you the best.


Awesome! There are so many other options that I didn't list as well. I can see that this will be a great topic to cover so I'll do my best to be thorough. Thank you for the kind words and support! Best of luck to you finding early retirement :)

Looking forward to your passive income tips Heidi. Are you in Nazaré, Portugal?


Maybe... ;)

This is a positive post, and I've even upvoted it... but it's not enough to convince me this place is the light at the end of MY tunnel. The posts saying how steemit is awesome do not display any evidence of the promise of censorship resistance that inspired so many of us to join in the beginning. As such I am still firmly in the "Steemit is a pile of shit" camp. Hope for better results in my next 6 monthly revue


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Thanks for the info. Would love to hear more about Masternodes.

I want to invest in bitshare, can anybody help me. thanks


I can relate. Had some success trading BTS on Bittrex before they delisted it. I now trade it here: - that is my referral link, use it ...or don't. Smile. FYI, currently like to buy BTS under 18 cents, and sell it around 30 cents. Obviously that can change. Goodluck.

Thanks for all the tips Heidi. I only just discovered Steemit and am getting my head wrapped around crypto, lol, so I look forward to learning more. Happy travels :)

You are looking smart,I watched your video.

great post and inspiration for me to start making media to share here on steemit!! but FYI, it looks like DecentBet is another Ponzi scheme, you may want to steer clear and not get caught promoting it.

SmartCash on the other hand looks very interesting and similar to a community project i'm planning to launch in the very near future.

So good job and lifestyle! Keep going this way. Thanks

Thank you for providing this techniques. It has been very helpful. Please do share your videos.

Steemit is really great! Thank you for sharing your video @heiditravels.

Keep Smiling Sunshine, we need more people in this world like you:)

Would also add Nem to the list you need to have at least 10,000 Nem vested around $7,000 so not a small amount but it is one of my favourites as it supports secure file sharing, messaging and lots of other features directly in the wallet which is something I haven't seen with other currencies.

Great topic! So are you self-sustaining on crypto or do you also have a day-job?


I have excused myself from that rat race :)


Outstanding! The rest of us are jealous. (so we will be living vicariously through you...)


Preach @heiditravels 😊 I have been self employed since '93 and my next step is to get my business on systems to run itself so I can be like you travel & earn 😊✌🏾

Very nice post.thanks for sharing us excellent post.resteem it

Excellent advice my friend @heiditravels, thanks for share!!!

Thankyou so much for your inofrmation @heiditravels ! it's funny how much i can relate to your story of digital marketing. I found steemit and i have been so blessed to have platform like this. i work for a marketing company and i handle social media for other companies and i cant tell you how frustrating it is to work so hard for others while i have my passion for songwriting, travel and surf. it's been tough but steemit is showing me that light at the end of the tunnel ive been waiting for:) it's truly such a beautiful thing. i see so much for my future now. Thankyou so much for your videos, posts and information. Your truly knowledgable with this stuff and i really look up to you for that. i wish i got started sooner but thats okay im finding my way. Your truly inspiring for me and i appreciate you and everything you stand for. An extremely wholesome being with a passion for life. keep on rockin and rolling and i look forward to learning from you and following your next videos. have a blessed night! or day depending on where you are lol.


very informative and not the same mundane crypto info that is currently doing its rounds. I have never bought other coins/tokens other than the likes of BTC,LTC,etc . Guess now is the time to do just that...Thanks for the brilliant post

Thank you, Heidi. You could also mention Populous and PayPie.

By the way, do you have your favorite quotes? I - that is Pillow Peace - could record them in a semi-professional manner and create a YT video so that you can post it on Steeemit. For resteeming in return. Do you like this idea?

Heidi thats a great post! sryl, also what crypto currencies do you invest in yourself? I'm def following you seems like you do your research :)

Wow ! Really informative post !! Thank you so much for your effort my friend !!

Hey, thanks for the Infos. Just one question:
Isnt it possible, that the Internet Providers could just slow down or block things like “Storj“ and “Siacoin“?

Thanks for sharing all this as long as your personal experiences.
As for Brave, I thought it was only paying for videos ? Going to check this a little more.

Very interesting its publication, it is of great motivation.

hi @heiditravels
god evening, how are you?

god job

Great post, thank you.

WoOoW you have done a awesome job on stemmit I'm super impressed by you... You have to live the dream... Thanks i follow you of course... You do yoga?have a great Sunday 🙏hohoho Xmas is coming... 🎅

Best platform for investment

I managed to go on 4 trips partially thanks to Patreon aid, but people can't be paying forever for your luxuries. I began trying out crypto this month and see if something good comes out of it.

Thank you! I am only starting out and I see incredible value in your content for me personally already! Following here and on the Tube! Thanks again!!

@heiditravels, you got me with the title :D You know that my dream is to have enough passive income to just educate people to many different things (Crypto is a thing, but others subjet are ok too :D I just love to teach... I set up an NGO when I was 20 to teach things :D!) and travel.

But as I don't like to sell stuff, I can't earn passive income.... (because I dont't want to sell things)...... BUT yes : CRYPTO !!!!!! I don't have to sell anything :D

Many THANKS will watch the video now, in my bed (it's 4 AM here) and probably watch it again :D

Very nice and inspirational also. I only wish I'd known about BTC in 2014, but I certainly do know about the blogging game and how tedious that can be. You've found your nice and passion. Congrats.

Great post, thanks for sharing.

Hi @heiditravels, thank you for this post, though I've been on steemit for about 6 months, I neither made any breakthrough attracting readers to my posts nor been making any revenues of it :( any kind advice/posts/videos are much appreciated.

Great post @heiditravels.. thank you for this information....

Thank you for the information

Is there some master nodes that you would recomend? I initialy liked XUVCOIN but it started yo look like a scam, IMO

Freedom in life comes from freedom in work and the possibility to enjoy the fruits from it. Nice video with motivating oceanside in the background which should make all of us want to obtain that level of financial freedom and explore the world without any limits. Way to go girl, good luck and hopefully we can join you in your journey!

This is a post that deserves being bookmarked.

Thanks sometimes it takes a women to bring clarity i have watched so many videos and blogs but you made it easy to understand thank you for making it simple to understand

You got a 50.00% upvote from @yourwhale courtesy of @kad!

i have read your articles and your videos. it so great. keep it up

Big thank you for this video. Many especially young female bloggers did see it as a big hope for the future. Keep up the good work H.

Steemit is great because it's providing real value now. I am actually kind of worried about the bubble, but HODL hasn't let me down yet. Where are you traveling to next?

Great idea. And crypto are great. Keep sharing, please. Thanks

very nice. follow me too.

your post inspired me to continue working in steemit although I still do not get many votes @heiditravels