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Back in August I made a video explaining the Metropolis update of the Ethereum Network, for those of you who may have missed that one, feel free to >>check out this link.<<
This Metropolis update will come in two phases; the first being Byzantium, and the second being Constantinople.

With this initial phase of Metropolis comes improved security for lite client wallets, the implementation of zkSNARKS for much more private transactions.
If you have a lite client wallet for Ethereum and you want to receive the benefits of this new update, you will need to download the latest version of that wallet.
I’ll include a link down below for this information so you can update your wallet if you wish.

The release date for the second phase of this update, Constantinople has not yet been announced other than it will be sometime in 2018.

Some other news that you might be interested in is that PIVX will be implementing what is called zerocoin protocol.

It’s a privacy feature that’s available thanks to zkSNARKS, also known as Zero-Knowledge proofs, which was developed by the team behind Zcash.

These Zero-Knowledge proofs basically remove most of the information about a transaction from public knowledge; the only thing that can be referenced is that an amount of money was sent or received.

Other popular alt coins that are privacy based include:

Lastly, I recently learned of an awesome new project called Etch.

The team is based in the UK and they are delivering guaranteed payments, in real time as you are working. This is thanks of course to smart contracts.

Right now Etch is focused on helping those who rely on timely paychecks, more specifically, those who are in the construction industry. But of course this platform has its goals set on helping any company and subsequently, any individual who relies on a payroll system.
There’s no denying the fact that many people live paycheck to paycheck, many times stressing over the fact that they have to wait for their hard earned money to get into their bank account.
It’s important to note that Etch certainly is not claiming to be a magical tool for those who might have trouble budgeting their money.

It is however a much better alternative than having to turn to the vacuum that is payday loans.

They also are aiming to be a solution for those needing to send remittance back to their families by providing an ERC20 token card that users would be able to provide copies of to their families so they can access funds instantly.

Etch is a great way to show how blockchain tech can change the everyday lives of so many people, whether or not if they are tech savvy.

If you’re interested in investing in Etch, their ICO is currently live, you will have to invest with Ether as this will be an ERC20 token, but keep in mind that this ICO does end by October 18th, so there’s only a couple days left.

In case you want to brush up on your knowledge of zkSNARKS or smart contracts, be sure to check out the links down below!

Additional Reading/Sources:

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Anyone else have a tough time downloading the new Pivx wallet on ios? I was on the wrong blockchain for a while and had to resync and it kept crashing...kind of a pain.

Nice update post, thank you Heidi

For some reasont he Ethereum Hardfork/update last night caught me by surprise normally I am on top of that kind of stuff. I wonder if it did for others as well.

Dash is my next fav in terms of a crypto that is untraceable. But I am super stoked now for this update and just goes to show you why its 50x better then bitcoin!


Informative post. ByteCoin, Zcash, BitcoinDark and others.............


@heiditravels I really enjoyed this posting because it reminded me how much of a hidden gem that I think PIVX is. At the current price I may need to pick up some more.........All the Way Up !!

Thank you for posting

I like Monero and Litecoin, two stable veterans!



Just don't visit the Pirate Bay any time soon.

They've been caught mining Monero via user browsers again!




Got it. Thank you!

very interesant the post



I love heidi's travels!!



Thanks for the update, can't wait for my ICO's to happen on the Steem blockchain.

Nice view.....

thanks for good good information


pivx is goona be huge

Good article..looking for more ethereum posts from you.. the ethereum dapps are future apps

I still think Monero it's the only cryptocurrency with privacy which is actually used by real people

I always try to follow your post to get some new information..thanks once again.


thank u.. ur work and researches are really useful

@heiditravels eres guerita inteligente & bonita

I like the info, very informative. Thanks

I will check ETCH out thanks :)


Please follow me!! I'm new but will have consistent content and photography! I will follow also thanks!

EDIT: I wrote something thinking you was from Venezuela. I suppose I was confused. Bye.

Thanks for sharing this valuable information,I hope this post will help very people here to understand deeply about ethereum..nice post keep sharing..

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Wow, Etch is really impressive! Imagine the possibilities of a pay-per-day/hour environment!

How dynamic would workplaces be!??! I would just love to see this in actual practice. Thank you for the information.



It's happening... blockchain tech and cryptos are seeping into everyday life! :)

Amazing post👍🏻 @heiditravels

Great share as always, I really enjoy following your posts about the crypto currency world. You are doing a great job, you help a lot of people to stay in touch with the trading business. Keep up the good work :))


Thanks @lost108 :) Glad you appreciate it!

solid, follow up

Thank you for sharing, Heidi.
Isn't NAV coin also privacy-centered?

@heiditravels, excellent post, it seems you have very big knowlegment about this cryptocurrencies, excellent post