Bitcoin Cash - The New Bitcoin? + Bitcoin CASH Hard Fork (Nov 13th)

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Check out the video below and scroll down to hear about my website launch!

Today, I've actually included a video instead of my usual article and I want to explain why:

  • Youtube - Youtube is amazing for gaining reach and teaching more people about Cryptocurrencies and ICOs so I've begun my journey to build my channel

  • - I bought the domain name a few weeks ago and hired a team of professionals to build the interface that I designed myself.

The site hasn't launched yet but it will do VERY SOON (within the next week) so I'm writing lots of content to add on there for the launch day. This includes the accompanying article I've written for UTRUST; of course I've written an article too ;)

Am I Leaving Steemit?

No. I am not going to be leaving Steemit. However, it's true to say that I won't be posting as much on here because I will be focusing more of my time on the website

This isn't bad though; with my website, I can make the design truly engaging and make articles look beautiful. If anything, you guys will enjoy reading articles on there so much more!

Also, I'll still be posting articles on Steemit sometimes too because I truly believe this is an amazing platform - it's where my Cryptocurrency journey began and I certainly ow so much to Steemit and, more importantly, to all of you guys for showing me continuous support!

How Do You Follow The Content Now?

The easiest way is to subscribe to the Youtube channel through the link of the video, join the Facebook and really get involved with the community by joining our Telegram chat.

Facebook -
Telegram -

Thank you for all of the support guys and I look forward to seeing you on our new platform!



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Im so unhappy I sold my BCH yesterday :( I didnt wait 1 day longer...


I sold btc at 3200$ I was unhappy but all gone.Hope Gdax will give us Bitcoin Cash on 2018.

So glad I did not sale. BCH will go even higher once Coinbase start's accepting them!

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You can steel keep promoting your site on Steemit, and even win good rewards. It's a win-win though!

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Just did some research on Bitcoin Cash. It does make sense that Bitcoin Cash would be the next "true" Bitcoin. Seems like it would be more widely used because of its improvements. It'll be interesting to see it's progress for the rest of the year and early next year. Might invest into it.


Great post my friend well done

I think Bitcoin Cash could really raise. I'm gonna buy it as soon as possible!

BCH was meant to doomed in future

It's really interesting what is going on with bch at the moment.
I am excited was will happen with the prices of BTC und BCH
If BCH gets more trust of the people it's definitely possible that the course will have a much bigger run than we already have.
Just my opinion!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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