The First Blockchain Shooting Game is Here!

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Most of the games that I've seen in Crypto are just collectibles being delivered in a new format; there hasn't been much vertical improvement in blockchain gaming. However, I recently found Lucky Strike, which is probably the first blockchain-based shooter!

Despite being the first shooter in this sector, it's been well-developed. As I'm not a fan of collectibles, this game is bounds ahead of the competition when it comes to blockchain gaming. Plus, its retro style makes it quite fun and familiar to the games most people have played during childhood years.

The game’s mechanics are simple: the person who won the last match is the champion.

New contenders can challenge the champion and partake in a shooting round. The player who manages to stay alive at the end of each round becomes the champion. The cycle continues as new players come and challenge the reigning champion.

There are a few catches: each gunshot has a randomized chance of either being a miss or a critical shot; hence the name Lucky Strike. While a miss does zero damage, a critical shot does double damage. This adds a flair of provably fair luck distribution into the game as the players who land critical shots are the likely winners.

The game is already live!

Merging Bets and Gaming

As bets are becoming a growing part of online gaming, Lucky Strike integrates ETH bets into each match-up. Every player gets the chance of placing a bet when picking a fight against the champion. The winner of the match gets the ETH that had been bet.

The bets are pooled into a smart contract that automatically issues the winnings to each round’s champion. This removes any form of centralization in the management of the game and distribution of bets as a smart contract operates the collection and distribution of winnings.

It’s important to note that to keep the game both entertaining and supportive of the players, every bet gives users tokens that are backed by a cash flow from the game’s usage and success. Win or lose, every bet gives the player LST tokens!

The tokens gives access to a cash flow which is fed by the game’s fee on the bets made. These dividend-backed tokens can be held for constant dividend income or sold to others. On top of that, a portion of the bet is fed into a weekly, monthly, and annual jackpot. Each bet is automatically given entry into the jackpot participation.

For the time being, the game is operating only on Ethereum and thus only supports ETH bets; however, the game will soon be available on other blockchains too and this will enable bets to be made in other coins.

An Alternative Token Sale

Lucky Strike's main delivery is a fun game on a decentralized network. Though, the blockchain gaming sector is competitive despite its nascent stage.

Rather than running an ICO and then developing the game, the game’s founders used their own money to get the game rolling.

To fund the game’s growth, they’ve chosen NOT to sell tokens. Instead, the game gives its players the opportunity to have a bet along with the game; a fee is charged on the bet and in return the bettors are given tokens. This alternative format of a token sale makes sure people are able to enjoy a service while acquiring new tokens.

Given that Lucky Strike is already a functioning product, it has the ability to quickly use the generated fees to promote the product and draw user acquisition. As the game grows, players get to enjoy more competitive match-ups and shooting challenges, the LST tokens are able to draw dividends from a bigger pool, and the jackpot sizes blooms larger.

This is how decentralized games should be!

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ive tried it.. lost ;)

Youll be getting no flag from me this time. ;)

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What's that?

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cool game, played it

Yep, it's pretty fun.

I’d be keen if it wasn’t built on ETH.

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Expansion on other chains is part of the roadmap.

it‘s GREAT!!!!

It's definitely a step forward for blockchain gaming.

That was nice!! i will check and try this one later!!

Ah this is awesome. I've been waiting for something like this on Steem. I can't get my head around the fantasy/collectible style games to be honest. Even something like Tetris or Bejewelled would be great!

I did suggest them to expand to other chains; that's part of their roadmap!

This one looks interesting

It sure is!


Glad you like it.

Wow amazing this is first bitcoin game @hatu

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Read the post dude.

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Hmm, Bitcoin could apply if you have WBTC for DEX conversion.

Blockchain Gaming...aha..Looks Interesting !!

There's some options already but they all base around collectibles. This is finally something different.

This was great. Thanks for sharing this

Glad you liked it.

The is soo cool :D

Love it!

It definitely is!

Someone almost beat the champion,,, haha need more bet to get more chance :D

People bet a lot on the #Champion! Haha~

Yay... Thank you for sharing this.

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Welcome. :)

Wow back to the 80s

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Thanks for effectively self flagging so I didn't have to

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What the name of that game?

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Lucky Strike

I wish it wasn't on ETH argg.. ETH is too expensive to play with and the main reason I switched to Tron gaming :[

Confused by the voting activities on a declined payout? 🤔

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They used a bid bots to appear on Trending. A smart, if reckless move in my opinion.

So reckless and irrational

@hatu, Fun to see the opening page of this game and it's reflecting as so much ETH is flowing for this game. Everything will going to take time and in my opinion step by step Blockchain Games will evolve.

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It sounds so promising.... I will definitely have a look into it....thanks for the information @hatu 🎮

This would be really kl...

on Steem 😃

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Interesting, I definitely have to check it out ! But it is an old crypto game by design if you compte to new ones coming such as God’s Unchained.
It seems fun though

I'll check it out as soon as I get to my PC. I love #pixelart games!

Thanks for the info. Im curoios. I Will certain l'y try it. I ve been seing some développement on the waves Blockchain. Hum, we ll see.

This looks like a unique approach and a refreshing one.
It would be interesting to see if this could be run on the Steem blockchain side chain Steem Engine. Steem seems to be fertile ground for games.

It'll be awesome if it happened. The fastest game I saw on Blockchains is #SteemMonsters and it's a bit slow for my liking.

By declining rewards you have essentially paid everyone to get a spot in Trending. This is how it should work!

retro games, the best!

Thanks for the post.

Hello dear friend @hatu.

In all the time I have been following and enjoying your posts, I have never seen you review a game. So I must assume that it is really worth it.

I think the strategy adopted by the company not to sell public tokens is very correct. It was very clever of they.

In my opinion we are in the presence of a gambling game. The retro interface makes it seem childish and innocent, but it is a gambling game. I don't see that the player's ability is tested, that is, everything is the result of an algorithm. I am not particularly a fan of games. But I found the article very interesting.

Thanks for sharing.

All best, Piotr.

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