Bitfinex Launches EOSfinex Soon!

in cryptocurrency •  last year

As pioneer in exchange technology Bitfinex, the largest Exchange of the world announced the next step into more trustless exchanges. As the company announced last year they will launch ETHfinex the next monthes now come up with new exciting news....


Read their announcement here:

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Very nice catch, @hastla, thank you.

I myself am very glad for this news. My cheeres EOS and Bitfinex.

Ya I am excited for EOSfinex! The EOS blockchain is so amazing.

Wow nice we need more decentralized exhanges after all the scams that have happend

Verynice information .
Thanks for you share @hastla

useful information.

thank you very much for your post.
this is very useful.
i will learn from you @hastla.
Thank you very much