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Tokenbox is like a niche for traders, crypto-investors and funds. Cryptocurrency market has taken the world by storm and as more investors get involved in digital currency, new opportunities are mushrooming on a daily basis. This as a result has activated establishment of decentralized technologies that are keen to take part in digital tokens and cryptocurrencies.

These establishments are known as digital assets or crypto. The main players in these crypto markets are mostly traders and portfolio managers. These players in most cases find it challenging to interact with their potential customers because they become afraid of regulator influence and lack of appropriate technical solutions or software to help them achieve goals. Tokenbox was established to take care of this issue and to make the process as easy as possible for professionals and investors.

The Platform

Tokenbox platform brings together cryptocurrency funds and investors on an equal level paying ground. In a nutshell, Tokenbox is a legal platform where: - Traders who want to operate their funds and take advantage of the provided facilities can acquire Tokenbox tokens known as TBX and deposit them on the same platform. - Every fund maintains 5% of assets found in its portfolio - Asset value of every fund is calculated in US Dollars Transaction volume (outgoing and incoming funds from investors) determines the value of assets. If the value of market assets fluctuate then the value of assets in your portfolio also fluctuate.

In order for funds to earn TBX tokens especially on stock exchanges then they must be able to meet the threshold set by TBX Tokenbox is committed at ensuring that there is effective management of investors' assets in the market. It is fully focused and determined to help investors and other interested parties to achieve daily targets and goals. They are working towards ensuring that the platform continues to meet its daily targets and expands to reach out to a wider investor base.

Investment round

The set date for Token Generation is on 14 November 2017. Delivery and token generation will be done within 10 days and investors will be able to get them after this time.

Tokenbox - Innovative Platform for Investing in Cryptocurrency

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