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There are basically three things that have changed the Internet in the last decade. P2P sharing, Streaming services and most recently the bitcoin. It is only natural to try and merge those three together. That is precisely what Flixxo did.

What is Flixxo?

Flixxo is essentially a decentralized network, based on Bittorrent platform for video content distribution. Adopting this model removes the need for expensive bandwidth and storage space and relies on the users themselves to become "seeders'. When you participate in Flixxo and °seed' you are rewarded with a Flixxo token which you can use to watch videos on the platform. The core reason for doing this is to create a video distribution community over a decentralized, incentivized peer-to-peer network that will allow for real value transfer. The transfer value is made possible as the users will not spend the Flixxo tokens on low value content.

This is good for everyone as it will allow every user to become a distributor of content with a decentralized way of receiving payment. No more middle man.

How does Flixxo work?

Blockchains, cloud databases decentralized over vast number of devices, make most sense when being used in peer-to-peer exchange. Peer-to-peer file sharing negates the need for large servers and makes the data transfer all that much faster. The tools for connecting peer-to-peer payments with peer-to-peer distribution are available and Flixxo will use them to their full extent.

The Flixxo token gets its value from the fact that it can be used to get incentives for seeding legal constant as well as from being able to directly connect its holder to media producers. In this two-way system, producers pay for improving the network and the users give recognition to authors for their work. As piracy and illegality have been long been plaguing both peer-to-peer sharing and cryptocurrencies, the Flixxo token will force authors to time-block them in a smart contract in order to upload their content.

The problem of illegal constant had been resolved by implementing this restriction. Flixxo is a welcoming and open network, a Bittorrent client, a token and a wallet. It is fully decentralized and the producers can choose what and with whom they share their content as well as how he or she wants to share their earnings.

Why Flixxo?

The users will have four primary ways of earning Fli., by producing content, by buying it or getting it from friends, by sharing content or by taking the time to watch sponsored content. Advertisers pay incentives to users to reach the content creators and buy Flixx from them. Flixxo will be taking a fixed commission of 10% on sponsored content and on sponsored content only. Flixxo will not censor any content but there will be a method in place to ensure that nothing inappropriate is shared. They will not apply filters based on geographical location but content creators will be able to choose in what areas is their content shown.


As Flixxo is an ERC20 standard token there will be no mining or nay kind of token creation and the supply will be fixed. 1,000,000,000 Fli. tokens are issued and 300,000,000 will be sold on Token sale.

Flixxo Token Sale will start on October 24th, 2017 at 14.00hs CET. The crowd sale will run for 30 days. 1 Flixx will equal 0,00025 ETH (1 ETH = 4000 Fli.) and the Hard Cap will be set at 75,000 ETH.


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Very nice, we are seeing more and more platforms to use sharing content. Let's see how far this one goes.

Decentralized content, and especially video content has a good future. I expect them to do well. I expect the platform doing even better. Although I like the LBRY concept more.