Is Crypto Adoption Here? Recent Whale Activity...

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What are the crypto whales up to and what's it mean for adoption?

Press Play For Crypto Soup:

The SEC is firing off subpoenas, but Andreesen Horowitz is starting a crypto fund.
The have a financial operation fund focused on crypto assests that will follow appropriate crytpo regs.

This will push forward regulations. Someone needs to hammer the regulations out and this will help.

The CEO of Nasdaq says they will be open to a crypto exchange once regulations catch up. The money will drive regs. This may happen quicker than we expect.

Amazon web services is launching blockchain templates. It gives users pre set blockchain frameworks for Ethereum and Hyperledger.
This means it will be easier for devs to make dapps.

Eos is also launching in about a month. We have money coming into the market at the same time we have the developement getting easier.

Goldman Sachs hired a famous crypto trader and studies show that 1 in 5 instutions are planning to trade crypto. These are all signs that we are moving forward in adoption.

We may even be moving out of the innovator stage and into the early adopter phase. We are close to the next step on the tech adoptions scale. Watch the momentum my friends.

What is my barbell investing strategy.
I use this in life and in investing.

Barbell strategy. you have safe, low risk far to one side. On the other side you have high risk, high reward. The point is to ignore the center of the bar bell where things aren't safe and their is also a minimal reward.

In life I hold some real estate as safe and low risk. On the other end I have cyrpto for high risk high reward.
A place in between I stay out of is the stock market. Not safe. Not high reward.

Within crypto you can also apply this. I have some coins that are my favorites. I feel like they are the safest and lowest risk for crypto. On the high risk end I like ICOs and coins out of the top 20.

This barbell strategy works in a lot of areas in life. Even things like working out. I like hard explosive movements or heavy weight in short bursts. I also take long leisurely walks.
I don't do a lot in the middle of the barbell. An example would be running slow on the treamill for 2 hours. Skip the middle.

There it is my Steem friends. Much love to you.
I'm proud to be a part of this journey with you.


Whales just sit back and watch the minnow squirm. All you really need to do as they seem to enjoy buying high and selling low

Seeing whales sitting back and dont interact with the community by at least daily upvoting a couple of interesting posts of new users with few % of their steem power is sad but thats their SP and they can do whatever they want.Sadly they do not care that their behavior is harmful for the platform😕We as community should just stay positive and focus on ourselves and currate correctly so we will have positive influance on Steemit🤗

Not really what this post was about but let’s discuss.

So a major issue on this platform is that there still isn’t a lot of intelligent organic conversations. I for one will upvote good content and good comments.

I refuse to reward trash just to be a good community memeber. That will just add more trash to the platform.

I see another issue is entrenched positions. People downvote comments just because they don’t agree with the points being made which hardly encourages free debate!

My comment was supposed to be response for first sentence of your comment.Sorry If you misunderstood me but as we can clearly see english isn't my primary language😌And of course I meant to say that helping out good quality content creators is the way to go.I would never suggest upvoting random stuff just to help somebody out.That would be retarded since there are so many interesting people out there waiting for promotion.

nice video.. love your spreadsheet

Haha I love your quote about the stock market, you can lose most of your money and not gain much. It's for suckers, the majority of Americans own stocks and are broke. The people who own crypto and real estate are rich, I see a trend there. Thanks for out lining all the big players getting in the space. We are moving out of the innovator stage into early adoption, you're right. Very exciting things to come, HODL :)

barbell approach is the truth. good luck to you

we are going to trilions soon

Hi great post.
Where did you get that beginning video of the human clock ?

Interesting method of investing. I am also diversified but never considered the bar bell method. I’ll be looking more closely at this now.

glad to make you think. cheers my friend

The only way we are going to expect half of these cryptocurrencies going to the moon is only if institutional investors with a lot of capital start putting in the millions and billions in the market.

I agree with you that institutions can move the needle quickly, but I would argue that many are waiting for a larger market cap before they move it. For the Wall Street crowd, $400B is just too small time. Once they do move it, we will go to the moon for sure. I mean, when FOMO hits for hedge funds and investors in the funds start asking why the are missing the crypto train, the sky is the limit. Until then, we need to see products that reduce the barriers to entry for the retail investors, which is good for adoption and also good for the little guy who needs to be in at least a little before the big money comes in and blows it all up.

Hey, this was very interesting article to read @happymoneynan we have simular names too
Wishing you happy smiles 😊

LOL, quality name dude. Sending you many smiles as well. Cheers

What are your favorite coins besides steem of course? :)

My guess, as it was last year during the bullrun as well, has been that 2018 we'll start to see ICOs for more consumer facing dApps, but we won't see most of them + mass adoption until 2019. Banks are looking like they'll be working through modernization in 2019 and aiming to have some initial DLT projects online by 2020. Past that, I expect things will be firing on all cylinders and tokenized assets will start to becoming a financial instrument more and more people are aware of and interested in.

So TL;DR: no, I don't think we've quite hit the adoption phase yet. 2018 is going to be a re-tooling phase. The era that connects the janky science experience of yore to the real world of software development. We'll still see gains, and plenty of them, but they won't be anything compared to what comes next.

Great take. I think you're right. Time for the janky tech to get better so the consumber can enjoy it.

Your green screen setup seems to get better and better. Big money is going to end up getting FOMO and then it could really get crazy.

yea, we probably have another good pump till by the end of the year and a dump at the new year. AGAIN. This time I will be ready

Those whales will make market dump trust me

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With good contents

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Thank you for the article. The barbell strategy makes sense, but I disagree about the stock market being "not safe" and "not high reward". A great deal of money can be made in the stock market. Good quick read, though.

Lots of things happening around thanks for keeping us updated

Great post and video. I fully agree it can get crazy i 🚀

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if anyones been following tether, it was holding steady +-10mil. It has recently had an injection of 200mil.

Makes me think a dump is coming!

time will tell

tether is a great indicator. I love to watch it

Crypto is becoming more and more legitimate every day. It'll be interesting to see where this all goes!

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Good luck and prosperity!

Thats interesting... but did you miss looking at global economic picture ? Crypto currencies are yet to catch up with international exchanges and the government there are not even looking at any regulations example from third world countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America.

Its cool!

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