Breaking Steemit News! - You Can Use Your Upvote To Buy Into ICO's

Wow! New Project Vote2ICO lets you buy ICO's tokens with your upvote.
Yes, that's right.

Upvote an ICO you like @vote2ico.
Get that ICO token delivered to your Ether wallet.

If you're on Steemit, you need to know about this project.

Watch this vid for details on how to set this up


Thanks to @neoxian for putting this project together.


  1. Copy your Ethereum Wallet address (myetherwallet) Make sure you hold the private keys.
  2. Go to @vote2ico
  3. comment. type "add" then paste your ether wallet address
  4. Now when you upvote ICO posts by @vote2ico you'll receive tokens in proportion to your upvote.

Have fun with this one my friends. This isn't investment advice so do your research.

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this might be another scam.

Hi Dang, I appreciate your concern. All vote2ico does is just give you an easy way to pick up a few tokens of an ICO. Clearly you should use caution when buying into a new ICO and study it to see if it has merit, like with anything else. I do stand behind Vote2Ico as there are some good people involved.

Hello neoxian, is the vote2ico giving ico tokens randomly or you can choose which ones out of the available list at the specific time, the ones that best suits your personal criteria?

How so dang?

@neoxian wouldn't put his name on a scam.

than tell me more about that Neoboost 'ico' which will not be actuall an ico because contract source code you provided clearly shows that all tokens has been asigned to the contract creator :)


Would love to talk to you about this!

Interesting concept, but won't everyone just upvote every ICO regardless of how viable the project really is?

Whales will likely not set auto vote, and look at what they are supporting.

NICE PROJECT! Resteemed!

Hey, one thing I was wondering: do you need to type the "add (whatever your ether wallet address is)" to every post you upvote, or just to one of the posts for all of your upvotes on future articles to count?

Just once..

add 0x22A7362275c25e216FE9253a1a9C796E1241226C

Awesome vid. I feel this is huge for steemit. Also the way you presented it was really fun and easy to understand.

Yea, this is a pretty interesting project. I'm pretty excited about it. I won't get a ton of tokens with my vote, but it will be fun to get into ones I like. Anything is better than nothing. It just makes it accessible.

damm kind of revolutionary !!!!

Such a simple but a very effective method of seeding new ICOs. I will definitely be getting in in this. Thanks for the tip and heads up,lets spread the word and get upvoting.

He @welshstacker! Hope you have a good weekend. Yea, this is a cool idea. If nothing else it gives us another way to use Steemit. There are so many big ideas floating around, its great to explore them.
I think this one will be a fun experiment. Glad you're gonna look into it too.

Hello. Thank you for the information.I don't know anything about crypto, so I'm probably going to ask a lot of stupid questions. How do I get one of these either wallets, or whatever it is you're talking about?

Here's a post with some links to create and ether wallet.

you may also search on youtube.
The goal is to open your own ethereum wallet and write down or print out the private key

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