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in cryptocurrency β€’Β  last year

Today I will show you my cryptocurrency portfolio and the coins I've invested in. I wish I could have more money at the moment to invest more in those coins :D

The number is the quantity of the coin:

Ripple - 2500
Iconomi - 75
Ether Classic - 30
Ether - 1,57
Bytecoin - 1411
Bitshares - 1124
DigiByte - 2534
Dogecoin - 2000
Golem - 530
Siacoin - 14000
Stratis - 28
Syscoin - 250
Steem - 258

Thats my portfolio so far. Also I invested 200$ in Bitconnect. All in all I invested around 3000$ since the end of may. My longterm strategy is buy & hold or like we all say: HODL =) I think the value of this portfolio will be 30000$ next year and I hope 3000000$ in 5 years :D

My next investments will be IOTA, TenX and maybe NEM. How's your portfolio doing?

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your content is good I wonder why they have been flagged ?


Thanks! Because of bitconnect, but I don't get why. Other guys post daily about it and never get flagged :o

Good luck mate

Nice portfolio! All the best

You've picked some nice ones! I have some Ripple, Ethereum, Stratis & Steem in my long term portfolio as well. I just posted an update about that. Let me know what you think!