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Last week I posted about BitConnect and that I want to invest 100€ to see if it is SCAM or NOT. This post was blocked because I posted my ref-link I guess. I hope this time it won't be blocked because I just tell you about my experience with it. No ref-links! :D

But if you like to join my team, feel free to ask =)

So what did I earned with 100€ (110$) on BitConnect?
===> In 7 days I earned 8,94$, that's 8,13%+ as you can see in this picture:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-17 um 21.05.32.png

Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-17 um 21.11.06.png

So if it continues like this, I will get my 110$ back in about three months. That's a pretty nice investment because they payouts will continue after that of course. I also tried to change the daily payout in BCC as you can also see in the picture (Sent dollars = -3.67$). I can switch this BBC with Bitcoin and send it to every wallet I want.

Very cool is that you can reinvest your daily payout. If you are above 10$ you can reinvest this and increase your daily payout.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-17 um 21.19.33.png

By the way you need to lock your investment, in my case 110$, for 299 days. After these 299 days you can cash your investment out. I think thats the point why people say it's a SCAM. Because noone can say at this moment that you will get your investment back - maybe there is no BitConnect in 299 days?!

Also people say it's a pyramid scheme - like you can see in the picture, it is :D But thats normal network marketing. It's nothing bad for you if you use for example my ref-link because you are your own boss and you will get the same bonus as I get. Everyone starts at Level 1. I don't even really care about it, if someone like to join, cool. But if not, you don't really need it. Because the main point of BitConnect is the daily payout.

No matter how the market goes!! The last 7 days was a bloodbath for cryptocurrencies, still I get my 8,13%. If I had invested 1000$, this would be 89$ in one week for doing nothing but wait. Sure, the risk is higher to lose this 1000$ because you need to wait 299 days. But if you got some money that you don't need at the moment, why not try it out =)

!! This is no recommendation, just my experience. Just invest money you have !!

If you got any questions about it, please feel free to ask. Maybe I can help you.
I think this is my longest post so far :D If you like it ===> Upvote, Comment & Resteem Thanks Steemit =)

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